Apple and cinnamon tart Apple pie in the pan

Preparation time
40 min
Cooking time

30 min

Resting place
Rest time


How to prepare: Apple and cinnamon tart

Preparation Apple and cinnamon tart - Phase 1

Preparation Apple and cinnamon tart - Phase 1

Start preparing the apple and cinnamon tart from the base: a traditional shortcrust pastry, ready in 30 minutes following our recipe. When it is ready, roll it out with a rolling pin to a thickness of about 3 mm and line a mold (measures 26×10). Pierce the bottom of the pasta with the tines of a fork, cover with dried chickpeas or ceramic weights and bake in the oven at 180 ° for about 20 minutes. Remove from the oven, set aside and let cool. Meanwhile, prepare the apple and cinnamon compote: peel the apples and cut them into cubes. Transfer them to a non-stick pan with sugar and cinnamon and cook over low heat for 10 minutes until thickened. Then let it cool.

Preparation Apple and cinnamon tart - Phase 2

Preparation Apple and cinnamon tart - Phase 2

Now dedicate yourself to the chocolate mousse: first melt the chocolate and let it cool. In the meantime, heat 20 g of fresh cream and add the previously softened gelatin. Then move on to the preparation of the pâte à bombe with eggs, egg yolks and sugar syrup: boil the sugar and water in a saucepan and bring the mixture to a temperature of 121 °, then pour the syrup over the yolks and eggs; whip everything with the planetary mixer until you get a frothy mixture.

Preparation Apple and cinnamon tart - Phase 3

Preparation Apple and cinnamon tart - Phase 3

Mix the cream and jelly mix with the melted chocolate. Then add the pâte à bombe to the mixture, always mixing from bottom to top. Pour the mousse into the silicone cover mold and level with the help of a spatula. Transfer to the freezer for 3 hours.

Preparation Apple and cinnamon tart - Step 4

After this time, proceed with the assembly of the cake: distribute the cooled apple and cinnamon mixture in the pastry base. Remove the silicone mold from the freezer and very gently unmold the mousse. Place it on a wire rack and spray the brown spray paint over it. Then gently place the mousse on the pastry filled with compote. The apple and cinnamon tart is then ready to be served.


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