Avocado ice cream Christmas log Tiramisu

The real problem with avocados is that, like many exotic fruits, they arrive here after being picked green, spending days in the fridge, and ripening out of the sun. The solution is to keep them at home for a few days, let them soak: they will no longer be beautiful to look at, but at least the flavor is concentrated and the consistency is reminiscent of the original. When you hold them in your hands you understand why there is no need to add cream or other fats (other than those of milk).

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Open the fruit with a circular cut for the long side. Remove the large seed, the size of a walnut, and remove the pulp with a spoon. Add the milk, white sugar and a pinch of salt. Add a knife point of carob flour. Blend everything vigorously: you will get a thick sauce that can go directly into the batch freezer.

Preparation time
30 min

6 – 8

Total time

30 min