Beef tartare with egg Fillet of beef in French salad

To prepare an excellent tartare it is good to use one of the more valuable cuts of beef, fillet, loin or rump. In this recipe we used the rump. The meat must be beaten with a knife, an operation that you can do or ask your trusted butcher.

Remember that once cut the meat tends to darken in a short time. In case you propose the tartare as starter, prepare small cuts, around 80-100 g. If you serve it like second dish the ideal quantity is about 120 g per diner. This recipe is classic and comes with uncut egg yolk on top. Each will break it and mix it with the portion of meat. In this case the tartare is more substantial, so it is advisable to serve it as a second course, alongside fresh and seasonal vegetables.

There meat quality must be excellent (it is often found proposed by Fassona) and its safe provenance, all the more so since it is eaten raw. In this regard, we refer you to our guide to buying meat. The same goes for eggs. On the market there are eggs intended to be eaten raw. The tartare can be made and served with the egg already mixed with the meat or without the egg.

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Preparation time
15 min


How to prepare: Beef tartare with egg

Preparation Beef tartare with egg - Phase 1

Preparation Beef tartare with egg - Phase 1

To prepare the beef tartare, if you have purchased a whole piece of meat, proceed to cut it with a knife. Also chop capers and olives.

Preparation Beef tartare with egg - Phase 2

Preparation Beef tartare with egg - Phase 2

Mix the minced meat and season with oil, salt and pepper. Using a pastry cutter, placed in the center of the plate, arrange a portion of meat, compact it and level it, creating a slight hollow on top (it will serve to contain the yolk). Break the egg, remove the egg white and carefully arrange the yolk in the center of the tartare and garnish with finely chopped chives.

Preparation Beef tartare with egg - Step 3

Bring your beef tartare with egg to the table.