Beetroot carpaccio Polenta taragna

A recipe simple based beet, a nutrient-rich root that gets its deep red color from phytonutrients called betalaines. Its sweet and earthy flavor makes not everyone loves it. Try the beetroot juice in the morning, it seems to be prodigious!


  • 2 cooked red beets
  • Grana cheese flakes
  • rocket
  • nuts
  • pomegranate grains
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • PDO balsamic vinegar

There beetroot is a vegetable that, despite its diversity, belongs to the family of sugar beets and, because of its sweet taste, not everyone likes it. On the market it is found above all already cooked, vacuum packed or in cones, although in recent years it has also been easier to buy it raw. In this case, choose a firm and stain-free product. If you start from the raw beetroot the cooking time it takes about 2 hours. Beetroot retains a ‘natural’ earthy flavor so take care of wash it very well before cooking it.

There recipe which we suggest can be the basis for numerous variations. Think about adding a sour cheese, of feta or goat cheese. Or the combination with some wedge of orange and two sprigs of dill. Another interesting combination is with anchovies And capers for a version no longer vegetarian and from strong flavor.

A recipe interesting with the beet, always vegetarian, is the beetroot hummus; this vegetable is also suitable to be eaten in puree as well as in soups: it is the case of the recipe of Beet Soup.

Risotto with beetroot and robiola is also one recipe tasty to experience the perfect combination of beet And cheese.

There beet it is also ideal for coloring and making pasta scenographic, as in linguine with beetroot, stracciatella and hazelnuts.

OTHER TASTY RECIPES: Beetroot hard-boiled eggs, Potato blinis with beetroot cream, Beetroot and rainbow trout risotto with yogurt dressing

How to prepare: Beetroot carpaccio

Easy execution Preparation time 10 min Servings 2

How to prepare: Beetroot carpaccio

Beetroot carpaccio preparation - Phase 1

Beetroot carpaccio preparation - Phase 1

To prepare the beetroot carpaccio, peel the beets, slice them very thinly with the mandolin and make a bed on a serving dish.

Beetroot carpaccio preparation - Phase 2

Beetroot carpaccio preparation - Phase 2

Add salt and pepper, distribute the rocket, parmesan flakes, walnuts and pomegranate grains. Dress with oil and DOP balsamic vinegar. Serve your beetroot carpaccio also to accompany a dish based on pork or fatty fish.