Bigoli in anchovy sauce Pasta with sardines

THE bigoli in anchovy sauce, or more simply Bigoli in Salsa, I’m a first course of the Venetian culinary tradition, especially Venetian, even if they are typical of the whole region. anchovy is often (and willingly) the protagonist of pasta dishes, both in recipes that speak of a territory, such as Sicilian Pasta c’anciova, and in creative recipes, such as Rigatoni with bread, butter and anchovies.

What we present to you is one quick and easy recipe, which consists of a few ingredients such as onion and anchovies: once the first are stewed in a pan, so as to sweeten them, the second are added, to form a cream, a condiment of excellence for this long pasta shape. THE bigoli they are large spaghetti originally made with a special press, called bigolaro, invented in Padua in 1604, at the time of the Serenissima. They are prepared with soft wheat flour, water and salt, but can also be found with the addition of eggs or with a mix of other flours.

THE Bigoli in Salsa they are a dish that used to be eaten on Easter Friday or Christmas Eve. In Venice, they are part of the Redeemer’s menu of the day.

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Preparation time
15 min
Cooking time

20 min



Total time

40 min

How to prepare: Bigoli in anchovy sauce

Bigoli preparation in anchovy sauce - Phase 1

Bigoli preparation in anchovy sauce - Phase 1

Preparing bigoli in anchovy sauce is simple. Wash the anchovies thoroughly, removing all the salt, fillet them with your hands and set them aside. Prepare the sauce: heat the oil in a pan, add the thinly sliced ​​onions and cook for 15/20 minutes adding a few tablespoons of water until soft.

Bigoli preparation in anchovy sauce - Phase 2

Bigoli preparation in anchovy sauce - Phase 2

Then add the anchovy fillets and mix carefully so that they melt completely, creating a kind of cream. Add the bigoli that you have previously cooked in salted water and stir, in order to mix them well with the sauce.

Bigoli preparation in anchovy sauce - Phase 3

The bigoli in sauce are ready to be served.


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