Blackberry Basil Mojito

A glass of our Summery Blackberry Basil Mojito recipe for a refreshing, sour and sweet cocktail

Summa summa summa summa time.

Yes, it’s time to crush the fruits with booze and it declares it happy hour whenever you want. Who with me?

Blackberries, lime, basil and sugar for a summer cocktail

I’m a mojito type girl.

Yes, I’m a margarita girl too – don’t twist it. But who can get mad at white rum? Especially when paired with ripe summer berries, fresh basil and a dash of lime. Haters go.

The Origins of Mojitos

The origin of the mojito is still debated, but all the stories we have found agree that this delicious drink originated in Cuba. Some claim it comes from South American Indians who lived in the region in the 1500s who shared it with explorers suffering from scurvy. Other stories say that it was discovered by slaves or in a bar in Havana, Cuba. We’re not sure which story is true, but we’re very grateful to the creators!

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Here is our inspired version, made with a touch of taste!

Cocktail glass with blackberry and lime wedge for homemade mojito

This cocktail is rather simple.

7 ingredients
5 minutes
BIG taste
Very refreshing

What’s not to love?

Crush blackberries and limes for a homemade summer mojito recipe
Add basil to cocktail glasses to make Blackberry Basil Mojitos

It goes like this:

Berries, lime and sugar.
Add basil, stir a little more.
Add rum, stir gently.
Add a few ice cubes and stir.
Add club soda and stir gently.
Sprinkle with more shaved ice, basil, and blackberries (or two).

Look? I said you can do it.

Adding ice to vegan summer drinks
Stir in a Blackberry Basil Mojito for a refreshing summer drink

This cocktail SHOUTS summer. His:

ice cold
& Refreshing

We have enjoyed this mojito as happy hour at home. If you’re not a fan of or don’t have basil, swap it for mint for a more classic version. And although I haven’t tried it with other fruit combinations, I imagine cherries and raspberries would be great.

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If you make this drink, let us know! Leave a comment and rate. And don’t forget to take a photo and tag #worthyrecipe on Instagram so we can see it. Cheers, friends!

Top-down photo showing fresh blackberries and basil on a summer drink
A glass of our Summery Blackberry Basil Mojito recipe

Blackberry Basil Mojito

This Blackberry Basil Mojito 7 ingredient is refreshing, easy to make, and a wonderful balance of sweet and sour. Perfect for happy hour, entertaining, and making the most of all the beautiful summer produce.

Preparation time 5 minute
Total Time 5 minute
Portion 1
Course Drink
Cook Caribbean Inspired, Gluten Free, Vegan


  • Add the lime, blackberry, and sugar segments to the cocktail glass and stir gently 7-8 times (use a muddler or anything with a blunt end, like the end of the handle of a spatula).
  • Add basil and stir gently again 4-5 times to infuse flavour.
  • Add the white rum and gently stir/fold with a spoon to combine.
  • Then add crushed ice, stir gently, and sprinkle with a splash of club soda. Stir gently/fold again. Then garnish with a little crushed ice and garnish with basil.

Nutrition (1 of 1 portion)

Portion: 1 portion Calories: 184 Carbohydrate: 20 g proteins: 0.9 g Fat: 0.3 g Saturated fat: g Trans fat: g Cholesterol: mg Sodium: 600 mg Fiber: 2.7 g Sugar: 13.2 g
A glass of Blackberry Basil Mojito and the ingredients used to make it