Bramble Cocktail: the recipe for the drink made from gin and blackberry liqueur

  • Gin
    • 263 kcal

  • Lemon juice
    • 750 kcal

  • Blackberry Liqueur

  • Sugar Syrup

  • Blackberries
    2 to decorate

  • Mint leaves

    to taste to decorate

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

the Bramble it’s a cocktail sour simple and fresh gin-based, lemon juice, Sugar Syrup And Blackberry Liqueur, with crushed ice. It is a drink created in 1984 at London from Dick brandsell, a bartender who worked in a Soho Club – the Fred’s Club – and who created this cocktail inspired by his childhood memories, when, as a child, he picked blackberries in thethe isle of wight. The name of the drink, in fact, in English means “bramble”, indicating blackberry bushes. In addition, the bramble is a IBA official cocktail since 2011 and one of the most prepared and loved drinks in the world, for its simplicity and its fresh and balanced taste. Here is how to prepare it directly in the old-fashioned glass.

How to prepare the Bramble cocktail

Bramble Cocktail the recipe for the drink made from gin

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Squeeze the lemon juice with a juicer (1) and strain it through a colander. Fill the old fashioned glass with crushed ice, add the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup. Stir and add the blackberry liqueur so that the drink turns pink. Decorate with 2-3 blackberries (2) and a few mint leaves. Your Bramble cocktail is ready to be served (3).


The bramble cocktail is excellent when served aperitif, but you can also combine it with fried dishes or dishes based on fish or white meat, such as sea bass or tori no karaage, Japanese fried chicken but you can also enjoy it in combination with Cantonese rice.

If you like gin-based drinks, try the lemon gin, made only with gin and lemonade, or the white lady, made with gin, cointreau, and lemon juice.