Chestnut salad: the recipe for the emblematic dish of autumn

  • Already boiled chestnuts
    150 grams

  • Belgian endive
    80 grams

  • greek feta

    100 grams
    • 250 kcal
  • Whole grain bread
    40 grams

  • Nuts
    30 grams
    • 660 kilocalories

  • black and white olives

    30 grams
  • Extra virgin olive oil
    to taste
    • 0 kcal

  • salt
    to taste
    • 21 kcal

  • pepper

    to taste
    • 79 kcal

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

L’chestnut salad it’s a side simple and delicious, perfect for bringing to the table the most typical flavors and aromas of fall season. An unusual idea to consume these precious fruits, to accompany any main course on the occasion of a family lunch or one dinner with friends. Belgian endive, crunchy and slightly bitter, combines with the sweetness of chestnuts and the flavor of feta, the typical Greek cheese; the toasted croutons and walnut kernels will give a pleasant crunchy note. This salad is eaten with main dishes made with fish or meat and, served in small glass glasses, turns into a food to eat with your fingers exceptional for parties and buffets.

Simple and quick, you can customize it as you wish: you can replace the Greek feta with gorgonzola, for a richer and more full-bodied result; with primosale or sprinkled ricotta, for a more delicate and fresh fragrance. Instead of Belgian endive, add a few songwriter or from baby lettuce; you can also complete it with sliced ​​green apple slices and a veil of wildflower honey, thus obtaining a salad with a sweet and sour taste. Find out how to make it by following our recipe step by step and, if you like chestnuts, don’t miss the chestnut and cocoa cake.

How to prepare a chestnut salad

Chestnut salad

Cut the wholemeal bread into cubes (1).

Chestnut salad

Butter a non-stick pan and toast the wholemeal bread cubes until lightly browned (2). Set aside.

Chestnut salad

In the same pan, toast the boiled chestnuts with a drizzle of oil for about 5 minutes (3).

Chestnut salad

Cut the Greek feta into cubes (4).

Chestnut salad

Combine the endive leaves and the grilled chestnuts in a salad bowl (5).

Chestnut salad

Add the crushed walnuts (6).

Chestnut salad

Add the diced Greek feta (7).

Chestnut salad

Complete with the mixture of green and black olives (8).

Chestnut salad

Season with a drizzle of oil and season with salt and pepper. Complete with the croutons (9).

Chestnut salad

Mix and flavor with rosemary needles. Serve your chestnut salad (10).


Unsweetened chestnut salad can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to One day; once seasoned, it is recommended to consume it immediately to prevent the Belgian endive leaves from losing their consistency.