Chicken with sauce Rice, clams and cherry tomatoes salad

That of gravy chicken it’s a easy recipe to bring to the table a tasty and substantial dish. A second course of meat suitable for the whole family which does not need special attention during preparation: thanks to the tomato sauce in which the chicken pieces are cooked, the meat remains soft and tender.

A stewed chicken in a pan, such as chicken alla cacciatora, enriched with slices of finely chopped raw ham, so as to make it even tastier. If you like the chicken with gravy, the Chicken with mushrooms.

Recipes with chicken are always a jolly element in the kitchen, as its white meat lends itself to multiple preparations, mostly simple, such as those selected in the gallery 50 good chicken recipes from noon to midnight! Our advice is always to focus on the quality of the meat, paying attention to its origin. A free range chicken, as indicated in the ingredients, is the best choice.

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Preparation time
15 min
Cooking time

45 min



Total time

60 min

How to prepare: Chicken with sauce

Preparation Chicken with sauce - Phase 1

Preparation Chicken with sauce - Phase 1

Making this chicken in gravy is easy. In a large pan heat the oil and brown a thin mixture of ham obtained from the three slices. Add the chicken cut into pieces, let it brown evenly, add salt and pepper.

Preparation Chicken with sauce - Phase 2

Preparation Chicken with sauce - Phase 2

Then add the minced garlic and marjoram, mix, sprinkle the wine and let it evaporate. Add the chopped tomatoes.

Preparation Chicken with sauce - Phase 3

Preparation Chicken with sauce - Phase 3

Bring to cooking, it will take 30-40 minutes. At this point remove from the heat, the chicken in the pan is ready. Serve it in a serving dish with its sauce, which will have thickened slightly during cooking, but remain quite liquid.


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