Cocktail Kir Royal: the recipe for a refined drink made with Champagne and crème de cassis

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the Kir royal it’s a cocktail simple and refined, made with 2 ingredients French, the Cassis, a liqueur made from blackcurrant, and lo Champagne. A refined variation of the Kir, made with still white wine instead of champagne, ideal for receptions and aperitifs in general. Le Kir was born in 1904 in France, in Burgundy, thanks to a server from Cafe George in Dijon, which added a white wine to crème de cassis, to make it a special drink. Initially, the cocktail was called Blackcurrant, become famous thanks to the mayor of the city, Felix Kir, who promoted it as the excellence of the city and to whom the name of the cocktail was dedicated.

Kir Royal is very easy to make – it is prepared directly in the glass – it has a Alcohol content weak, equal to 16%, and is part of sparkling cocktail, drinks based on sparkling wine, sparkling wine or prosecco, ideal to serve even during fish dinners Where sea ​​food, during brunch or a special event.

Among the sparkling champagne-based cocktails, also try the French 75, the Bellini cocktail and the Hugo spritz.

How to do Kir Royal

Cocktail Kir Royal the recipe for a refined drink made

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Cool the bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator or in the ice cube basket (1) and let the glass or the flute cool down with the ice cubes for a few minutes (2). Pour the crème de cassis into the glass and complete with the addition of Champagne. Serve immediately with the addition of a blackberry, currant or without garnish. Your Kir Royal is ready to be served very cold (3).


Also try the Imperial Kir, made with 3.5 cl of Champagne and 1.5 cl of Raspberry cream, raspberry-based liqueur. Prepare directly in the flute and serve immediately very cold.