Crumbled salted zucchini: the recipe for the stringy variant without butter

  • For the savory pastry

  • Flour 0
    300 grams
    • 750 kcal

  • Grated parmesan

    • 380 kilocalories
  • Corn oil

  • Egg
    • 0 kcal

  • Yeast for savory pies

    1 teaspoon
  • salt
    to taste
    • 21 kcal

  • For filling

  • Courgette

    2 medium
    • 17 kcal
  • sliced ​​cooked ham
    100 grams

  • Sweet provolone
    100 grams

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

The crumbled with zucchini is the tasty variation of the classic crumbled prepared with shortcrust pastry crumbs and stuffed with the most diverse fillings. In this version, the salted shortbread was made with theoil, therefore without butter, and without Parmesan, for a very tasty and tasty result. Inside, a stringy filling very fine zucchini, cooked ham and provola will win over everyone from the first bite. Very good lukewarm or even at room temperature, it’s perfect like appetizers, single dish or for a standing buffet. You can also put it in the “schischetta” and consume it for a while. trip to the park or during a lunch break at the office. Find out how to prepare it by following our recipe step by step.

How to prepare salted crumbled zucchini

prepare shortcrust pastry

In a bowl pour the flour, salt, egg, grated Parmesan, baking powder and finally oil (1).

prepare the base

Knead with your fingertips just long enough to combine the ingredients and form large crumbs. Take half of it and form the bottom of the crumb in a mold 20 cm in diameter, lined with a sheet of baking paper (2).

add zucchini

Wash and dry the zucchini, peel them and finely slice them with a mandolin. Arrange them on the shortcrust pastry base, overlapping them slightly (3).

add ham

Add a generous layer of cooked ham (4).

add provolone

Finish with the slices of provolone (5).

to cook

Cover the filling with half of the remaining crumbs, trying not to crush them and distribute them evenly (6).

crumbled salted zucchini

Bake the crumbled salted salt at 180 ° C for about 40 minutes, or in any case until the surface is lightly golden. Take out of the oven, let cool and serve (7).


You can stuff the crumbled vegetables with already cooked vegetables, to replace all or part of the zucchini. You can choose speck, salami, mortadella and other stringy cheeses, such as scamorza or very dry mozzarella: the crumbled is also excellent. empty fridge recipe.

For a stronger flavor, you can use Parmesan instead of grated pecorino.


Crumbled salted zucchini can be stored for One day at room temperature, 2 days in the refrigerator in a suitable airtight container. It can be frozen before and after cooking.