Cuba Libre White hot chocolate

Clear rum, Coca cola and a splash of lime: the recipe for Cuba Libre, a cocktail born in Cuba, is very simple and loved. Here’s how to make Cuba Libre at home, with the tips of a professional bartender.


  • 45 ml of white rum
  • 1 lime
  • coke or other cola
  • ice

We asked Federico Volpe, Bar Manager of the Dry Milano restaurant, to prepare the Cuba libre recipe.

We tell you what you need to know about this cocktail to serve as aperitif or after dinner: the glass to use, the right ingredients, the technique applied, some shrewdness And curiosity.

Follow the step by step recipe for making Cuba libre at home: it only takes you 5 minutes.

The recommended glass is the tall tumbler, while the technique with which it is prepared is very simple and it’s called Build: provides that the drink is prepared (or rather constructed) directly in the glass in which it will be served.

As equipment you only need one jigger to dose the rum, the quality of which will naturally make the difference. So, don’t save too much. The lime must be fresh and fragrant.

Cuba Libre has a base of white rum, a distillate to which a soda product such as Cola is added: the alcoholic and non-alcoholic part it can therefore be dosed according to your preferences. Not surprisingly, it is often served only with rum and ice and Cola to be added on the side.

Next to Daiquiri and Mojito, the Cuba Libre is a classic cocktail born in Cuba: means “free Cuba”; it is certainly related toindependence of Cuba from Spain at the hands of the United States, or the Second Cuban War of Independence, also called the Spanish-American War and dating back to the years 1895-98. It is said that after the liberation in 1898 some American soldiers ordered a chupito of rum (typical of Cuba) and one of Cola (typical of the USA), then deciding to mix the two glasses, exclaiming “Cuba Libre”, in honor of the war won. Other less romantic versions tell the Cuba Libre as born by chance after a customer asked to extend the usual Daiquiri with Coca Cola.

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How to prepare: Cuba Libre

Easy execution Preparation time 5 min Servings 1

How to prepare: Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre Preparation - Phase 1

Cuba Libre Preparation - Phase 1

To prepare your Cuba libre, pour the white rum directly into the tall tumbler. Then fill the glass with ice.

Cuba Libre Preparation - Phase 2

Cuba Libre Preparation - Phase 2

Pour the Cola until the glass is full, in the jargon it is called top of Cola. Now make a squeeze & drop with a lime wedge, which corresponds to an eighth: squeeze the lime and let it fall into the glass.

Cuba Libre Preparation - Phase 3

Cuba libre is ready. Drink it very cold.