Daiquiri Limoncello

The Daiquiri, Like the Mojito, is a famous one cocktail of Cuban origin based on rum, made famous by the writer Hemingway. Elegant and fragrant, it is a drink to be served in one iced cup, as aperitif or after dinner. Here she is easy Daiquiri recipe to make at home, with the tips of a professional bartender.


  • 40 ml of white rum
  • 20 ml of lime juice
  • 10 ml of sugar syrup or 1 teaspoon of white cane or beet sugar
  • maraschino drops (optional)
  • ice

We asked Federico Volpe, Bar Manager of the Dry Milano restaurant, to prepare the Daiquiri recipe.

We tell you what you need to know about this cocktail to serve as aperitif or after dinner: the glass to use, the right ingredients, the technique applied, some shrewdness And curiosity.

Follow the step by step recipe for making Daiquiri at home: it only takes you 5 minutes. Everything is in the organization of the work plan, as the bartender we interviewed reiterated.

First, bear in mind that this cocktail must be served in an iced cup or cup. For this, it is important that you keep the glass in the freezer until it freezes. It takes 5 minutes.

As a piece of equipment, you first need one shaker. You can measure the exact dose of vodka with the jigger, the dispenser commonly used for the preparation of mixed drinks. To squeeze lime and filter its juice, the special one is very practical lime squeezer in steel.

The ingrediants I’m really simple: white rum, lime, sugar syrup or granulated sugar: if you prefer sugar, reverse the steps of the recipe, dissolving it first in the lime juice in order to dilute it and then add the rum following the recipe.

As for the Margarita, the technique for preparing the Daiquiri is that of Shake and Strain: the drink is prepared in the shaker and filtered into the glass.

A Advice: add one or two drops of maraschino, a sweet cherry-based liqueur, before shaking the ingredients.

A shrewdness: as suggested for Mojito and Moscow Mule, to obtain a more abundant lime juice massage the lime with your hands in order to warm it to the touch. Keep in mind that this fruit is usually kept in the fridge and by massaging it you will raise the temperature making it more juicy.

Finally, a note on the history of the Daiquiri: the name Daiquiri derives from the homonymous Cuban beach. In fact, it is said (but there are also other legends) that in 1898 a very thirsty young sailor landed in Playa Daiquiri, who, entering a shack offering a drink, asked to have the smooth rum, of uncertain quality, lengthened with some juice. of lime and then he added some sugar. Thus was born the first Daiquiri.

The Daiquiri was much loved by the writer Ernest Hemingway, who during his Cuban stay, at the time of the writing of “The old man and the sea”, often went to the Floridita bar, but also to the La Bodeguita del Medio bar; famous is his phrase: “Mi Mojito alla Bodeguita, mi Daiquiri alla Floridita”.

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How to prepare: Daiquiri

Easy execution Preparation time 10 min Servings 1

How to prepare: Daiquiri

Daiquiri Preparation - Phase 1

Daiquiri Preparation - Phase 1

First of all, even before preparing the Daiquiri, put the cup in which you will serve your cocktail in the freezer, so as to have it well frozen. Pour the white rum into a shaker, using the jigger, a very precise bartender’s dispenser. Then squeeze the lime with the special squeezer that effectively shortens the time.

Daiquiri Preparation - Phase 2

Daiquiri Preparation - Phase 2

Now pour in the sugar syrup. Add ice tops, filling up to the edge of the shaker.

Daiquiri Preparation - Phase 3

Daiquiri Preparation - Phase 3

Shake to a salsa rhythm, pour into the frozen bowl and garnish your Daiquiri with a wedge of dehydrated lime.