Falafel Baked frittatine with mushrooms, red onion and Taggiasca olives

Preparation time
15 min
Cooking time

30 min

Soaking time


Resting place
Rest time

60 min


4 – 6

How to prepare: Falafel

Falafel Preparation - Phase 1

Falafel Preparation - Phase 1

To prepare falafel, start by soaking the chickpeas overnight, covering them with water, so that it is at least double the volume of the legumes. Drain and pass them through a mincer together with onion, garlic, parsley and coriander.

Falafel Preparation - Phase 2

Falafel Preparation - Phase 2

It is important to pass the chickpeas with a meat grinder (using fine grinding), Ottolenghi suggests a double passage in the meat grinder and use of the blender only if you do not have a meat grinder. With the blender you must be very careful not to reduce the chickpeas in cream, you would compromise the result, the mixture must keep a grainy but fine consistency. Now add the spices, baking powder, salt, flour and three tablespoons of water. Mix well so that all the ingredients are well blended. Let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Falafel Preparation - Phase 3

Falafel Preparation - Phase 3

In a high-sided saucepan with a thick base, pour 7 cm of sunflower oil to fry the falafel. Heat it up to 180 °. Shape into round balls with dough. You will get about 20, each weighing about 25 g. Press them well to compact them so that they do not crumble (in this the rest time of the dough helps a lot). Ottolenghi suggests passing them in sesame seeds before dipping them in boiling oil and letting them fry for about 4 minutes. The falafels are ready when a dark and compact crust forms, while inside they remain soft and fragrant.

Falafel Preparation - Phase 4

Dry the meatballs well with kitchen paper and serve hot falafel accompanied by tahini, tomato and cucumber salad, zhoug and pickles.


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