Focaccia pesto and cherry tomatoes: the sweet and tasty rustic recipe

  • Flour 0
    • 750 kcal

  • Cascade
    300 grams
    • 17 kcal

  • dry yeast powder

    6 grams
  • salt
    8 grams
    • 21 kcal

  • Cherry tomatoes
    150 grams

  • Extra virgin olive oil

    15 grams
    • 0 kcal
  • Basil pesto
    200 grams

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

The focaccia pesto and cherry tomatoes it’s a sweet rustic and tasty, which will surprise you with its ease of execution. The classic dough made from 0 flour, dry yeast and water is enriched on the surface with red cherry tomatoes and a basil pesto: the end result is a sweet and fragrant sourdough product, perfect to serve on the occasion of a aperitif with friends, to enjoy at nibble or as a substitute for bread during meals. You can also cut it into pieces and take it with you to the Wed or in Mountain, stuff it with slices of raw ham or smoked salmon: it will keep perfectly, as if it had just come out of the oven. Find out how to prepare this simple focaccia by following our recipe step by step.

How to prepare focaccia with pesto and cherry tomatoes

Add water

Combine the flour and baking powder in the bowl of a planetary mixer, then pour in the water (1) and start kneading at moderate speed.

add oil

As soon as the mixture begins to take shape, add the oil (2).

Add salt

Also add salt (3) and continue kneading until completely absorbed.


Close the dough in small folds then let it rest until doubling the initial volume (4).

tear down

After the rest time, roll out the dough in a mold, lined with a sheet of baking paper, using your hands (5).

to cook

Arrange the halved tomatoes on the surface and season with a drizzle of oil. Bake at 175 ° C for about 15 minutes (6).

add pesto

Add the pesto to this, distributing it with a spoon (7) and continue cooking in the oven for another 15 minutes.

focaccia pesto and cherry tomatoes

Once cooked, take the focaccia out of the oven and let it cool, then cut it into slices and serve (8).


You can replace the dry baking powder with 15 grams of that fresh beer. After the proofing time, roll out the dough with your hands, lightly greased with oil, exerting light pressure with your fingertips.

If you want, you can replace the red cherries with gods datterini; you can also add a few yellow, orange and green tomatoes, so as to obtain a colorful rustic and very summery and flavor it all with a pinch of oregano and a few leaves of fresh basil.

You can enrich your focaccia with pesto and cherry tomatoes with a little tufts of burrata, which will give the preparation an irresistible creaminess, or with a few slices of Ham, arranged on the surface like a small rose.

You can replace the classic basil pesto with one with arugula, spinach, sundried tomatoes, zucchini or whatever you like. As an alternative to pesto, you can choose to use a tomato sauce seasoned with oil, oregano, anchovies, and black olives.

If you enjoyed this recipe, try the burnt wheat focaccia as well.


The focaccia with pesto and cherry tomatoes can be stored at ambient temperature, covered on the surface with a tea towel or enclosed in a paper bag for bread, for approx. 2-3 days.