Fried eggplant Polenta taragna

Soft inside and covered with a light golden crust, the fried aubergines I’m a side from the easy recipe, suitable to accompany any second dish. Impossible to resist this dish which is even tastier when the eggplant are Seasonal.


  • 2 purple eggplants
  • peanut oil
  • salt

How to prepare: Fried eggplant

That of fried aubergines it is a recipe that cannot be missing on summer tables with family or friends. A simple and tasty side dish made with a beloved seasonal vegetable, which is perfectly suited to both meat and fish main courses. Prepare them is very easy and with a few tricks you will get it fried and dry eggplant.

First of all the type of eggplant: the most suitable for this recipe are the round purple ones, with a tender and sweet pulp. If you prefer to use black and oblong aubergines, we advise you to salt the freshly cut cubes and leave them in a colander covered by a weight for at least half an hour. In this way they will release excess vegetation water which can be bitter.

Also important the quantity and temperature of the oil, which must be around 180 ° (without a thermometer do the test with a piece of bread, when it sizzles we are). The aubergines will have to float in the boiling oil, only in this way will the thermal shock allow the formation of the crust that “seals” and prevents the food from soaking in oil.

With this basic recipe you can also prepare other dishes that include frying aubergines. An example is Pasta alla Norma. If you are looking for a super tasty variant as a side dish, then try the Eggplant with anchovies.

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Easy execution Preparation time 10 min Cooking time 20 min Servings 4

How to prepare: Fried eggplant

Preparation of fried aubergines - Phase 1

Preparation Fried aubergines - Phase 1

To prepare the fried aubergines, start washing and drying the two purple round aubergines. Remove the cap with the stalk and then reduce them into fairly regular cubes: to do it best, cut them into slices about one centimeter thick, then into strips and finally into cubes. Heat plenty of oil in a pan with rather high sides and when it reaches a temperature of about 180 ° pour in part of the aubergines. During frying, which will last from 2 to 4 minutes, mix them with a skimmer so that they fry evenly. Remove them and transfer them to absorbent paper.

Preparation of fried aubergines - Phase 2

Lightly salt only when cooked and immediately serve the fried aubergines.