Garfagnina spelled soup Pasta and beans with the Thermomix

There Garfagnana farro soup, also known as Zuppa Garfagnina is a typical dish of Garfagnana, a valley located in the province of Lucca surrounded by the Apuan Alps and characterized by a simple but rich and substantial cuisine. The dish that we present to you, from easy recipe, which however needs a long cooking time.

It is a soup a based on legumes and cereals flavored with sautéed vegetables and aromatic herbs which is especially enhanced by the spelled from Garfagna, an excellence of the territory that has held the IGP brand since 1996 and is the protagonist of many traditional dishes. Bring this soup to the table with slices of homemade bread and season it with a round of good extra virgin olive oil raw.

During autumn and winter, soups and broths are real allies: others Tuscan recipes they are the black cabbage soup with Tuscan bread or the simple ribollita.

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Preparation time
15 min
Cooking time

3h and 30 min



Total time

3h and 45 min

How to prepare: Garfagnina farro soup

Preparation Garfagnina farro soup - Phase 1

Preparation Garfagnina farro soup - Phase 1

Preparing the Garfagnina farro soup is simple. Start with the beans: if fresh, boil them in hot water for about an hour. In the case of dry ones, after having left them to soak for 12 hours, boil them for about three hours, drain them and set aside the cooking broth. Heat the oil in a pan and season the bacon, tomatoes (skinned and seeded), celery, onion, carrot, garlic, sage, rosemary all well chopped for 30 minutes. Finally add salt and pepper.

Preparation Garfagnina farro soup - Phase 2

Preparation Garfagnina farro soup - Phase 2

Then add the boiled beans, mix and blend.

Preparation Garfagnina farro soup - Phase 3

Preparation Garfagnina farro soup - Phase 3

Wash the spelled very well under running water. Pour the cooking broth from the beans into a saucepan and cook the spelled over moderate heat for at least an hour. Then add everything to the casserole with the bean cream and mix. Transfer the Garfagnina farro soup to a tureen and serve with plenty of freshly ground pepper and one or two turns of extra virgin olive oil poured slowly.