Green pepper fillet: the recipe for the second classic and timeless

  • beef tenderloin medallions
    About 800 grams

  • Fresh liquid cream
    100 ml
    • 600 kcal

  • spicy mustard

    1 teaspoon
  • Brandy
    1/2 cup
    • 345 kcal

  • Marinated green pepper
    to taste

  • Butter

    to taste
    • 899 kcal
  • salt
    to taste
    • 21 kcal

  • Fresh rosemary
    to taste
    • 29 kcal

  • Flour

    to taste
    • 146 kcal

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

the green pepper fillet it’s a second course classic and timeless that experienced its most popular moment in the 80s, in the company of vodka and shrimp penne in cocktail sauce. For this recipe we are using one of the thinner cuts beef, which is tied to keep its shape, floured and then blanched at high temperature for a short time, to prevent it from becoming tough and stringy.

The cooking juices are finally deglazed with the sour cream and spicy mustard, so you get one tasty sauce and wrapping to sprinkle the meat. To get the most out of the dish, it is best to cook the tenderloin rare, but if you wish, you can extend the cooking for a few minutes and get it more rosy. You can replace brandy with brandy or whiskey, but you can also get a good result with red or white wine.

Elegant and impressive, the green pepper fillet is perfect to be served on the occasion of a festive lunch or a special occasion. It is a simple preparation, but it can hide several pitfalls, and for this reason we advise you to follow the procedure and the advice step by step.

How to prepare the green pepper fillet

Cut the meat

Take the meat and clean it of any nerves with a sharp knife (1).

tie the medallions

Using a kitchen string, tie the medallions at the edges (2), so that they hold their shape during cooking.

Flour the meat

Flour the medallions on all sides (3).

to melt the butter

Gently melt the butter at the bottom of a non-stick frying pan (4).

brown the meat

Arrange the medallions and brown them for a few minutes (5).

turn the meat

Turn the meat over and brown it on the other side as well (6).

add green pepper

Add the green pepper, drained from the brine, and let it flavor (7).

deglaze with cognac

Salt the meat and deglaze with the cognac. Then flambé over high heat for a few seconds (8).

remove the meat

At this point, remove the net and keep it aside (9).

add mustard

Add the mustard to the cooking juice (10).

add the cream

Pour in the cream and bring to a boil (11).

remove the string

Meanwhile, remove the string from the medallions (12).

heat the meat

Then place them for a few seconds in their sauce to heat them up (13).

serve the fillet

Serve the fillet, basting it with the cooking juices (14).

recipe Green pepper fillet

Serve immediately, filling with a little fresh rosemary (15).


It is advisable to consume the fillet with green pepper right now, just ready. You can store it in the refrigerator, closed in a special airtight container, for up to a day.