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Everyone loves the hazelnut ice cream, often combined with pistachio, a winning combination. To prepare it you have two opportunities, buy some excellent hazelnuts and prepare the hazelnut paste yourself or buy one of excellent quality. Attention, it must be hazelnut paste and not hazelnut cream, no two alternative products have different characteristics. To prepare it at home, blend the hazelnuts in a blender until all the oil has been released.

To make this recipe, a home ice cream maker with compressor is required. For homemade ice cream without ice cream maker the procedure is this: it is necessary to use ice cube trays, fill them with ice cream mix and then, as needed, blend the cubes and mix them until you get an ‘iced cream’. There are many differences between the two products, with the ice cream maker you get an ice cream which is best consumed immediately or after a few hours in the freezer, without ice cream maker you get a cream, which we cannot define ice cream but, be careful, it remains a tasty and fresh alternative, especially in summer.

If you use an ice cream maker it is necessary to let the mixture cool before starting the creaming.

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Preparation time
30 min
Rest time



4 – 6

How to prepare: Hazelnut ice cream

Preparation of Hazelnut Ice Cream - Phase 1

Preparation of Hazelnut Ice Cream - Phase 1

To prepare the hazelnut ice cream mixture, start by melting the sugar in the milk in a pan over low heat or in a double boiler. Bring the mixture to 70 °. Off the heat, add the cream and the hazelnut paste.

Preparation of Hazelnut Ice Cream - Phase 2

Preparation of Hazelnut Ice Cream - Phase 2

Emulsify everything well with an immersion blender and let it cool. Pour the cold mixture into the ice cream maker. The hazelnut ice cream will be ready when it is compact and creamy!