How do I reset my Traeger grill?

Make sure you are using the latest version of the app. Factory Reset Grill – On the grill, go to menu, settings, about grill, then press and hold the power button until you see the Traeger logo (about 5-10 seconds). Check Firmware Version – On the grill go to menu, settings, about grill and confirm the grill has been reset to 01.01.

How do I reset my Traeger?

Reset Wi-Fi network settings on grill controller

  1. On the controller: Go to MENU > WIFI INFORMATION.
  2. Hold IGNITE for 10-15s. This resets the WiFi settings and lets you start over with a new initial pairing process on most grills.

Why is my Traeger not working?

If your Traeger grill won’t start, some of the possible causes are a tripped GFCI on the outlet, bad receptacle, blown fuse in the back of the controller, bad extension cord, and broken power cord. Your grill does not turn on. …Also, your grill will not light if no wood pellets are fed into the burn pot.

What if Traeger does not turn on?

Ignition failure

  1. Make sure there are pellets in the burn pot and in the hopper. If it is empty or low, fill the hopper.
  2. Make sure the lid remained closed during startup.
  3. Make sure the pellets used are good. The pellets should shine and break when broken.

Why does my Traeger keep saying LEr?

If an LEr error code appeared on your grill’s display, it means grill temperature is below 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This can happen if you set it for low and slow smoke, or maybe you run out of pellets or they are too dusty and the firepot is too dirty and stuffed.

Why isn’t my Traeger warming up?

Not having enough pellets in the hopper, or even having old/poor quality pellets, can cause temperature problems or extinguishing the flame. Check the level of pellets in the hopper. If you’re out of pellets or notice tunnels, learn more here.

Why is smoke coming out of my Traeger hopper?

It may sound alarming, but seeing smoke coming out of the hopper during a cook is indicative of an airflow problem – not the pellets in the hopper ready to ignite. Typically, the fan does not blow to create the correct pressure to draw in the exhaust, allowing smoke to escape from the hopper.

Should Traeger smoke all the time?

To get a smokier flavor in your food, you will need to let the Traeger set smoke longer. How long you want your food to smoke depends on what you are kitchen. …many Traeger grill models will not produce much smoke when set to higher temperatures.

Is it bad to run a Traeger without pellets?

You can’t use Traeger without pellets. If your Traeger runs out of pellets while cooking, the grill temperature will drop and eventually turn off the Traeger. It can be dangerous to use an electric pellet grill without pellets. Always make sure there are enough pellets in the hopper before cooking.

Is it bad for a Traeger to run out of pellets?

Running out of pellets during cooking
Although tunneling is kind of a false alarm, there’s always the chance that you’ll run out of pellets during a cook. If you run out of pellets in the middle of a cook, don’t worry: getting back to grilling is easy. First, check the temperature of your grill.

How do I know if my Traeger Hot Rod is faulty?

Check the Hot Rod

  1. If the induction fan turns on, the controller is working fine and the Hotrod is faulty.
  2. If the Hotrod turns on (more than 3 minutes) and the induction fan does not work, the controller is faulty and the components are good.
  3. If no component lights up, the controller and Hotrod need to be replaced.

Why does my Traeger keep turning off?

It is possible that the outside temperature is so cold that your Traeger cannot reach the temperature. There may be debris clogging your firepot and preventing ventilation (you need oxygen for a fire). Maybe you have a bad batch of pellets full of sawdust. It could be a faulty sensor.