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Cream ice cream is the basis of everything. Those who love ice cream know what we are talking about. Finally one dinner, for a snack or in the late evening it is ideal, from time to time combined with a slice of apple pie, with fresh fruit salad (strawberries and ice cream is a great classic) or drowned in a little coffee. Everyone interprets it as they prefer, even next to a piece of crunchy and tasty sbrisolona.

Few ingredients And some tricks to obtain a silky and soft result. For example, prepare the mixture the day before and leave it rest in the refrigerator allows you to obtain an even better ice cream.

There quality of ingredients as always, it affects the final product: strictly whole milk, a good vanilla bean, organic lemons for example.

ideal is to prepare ice cream and consume it, or keep it in the freezer for a few hours. Not for long, however, because home freezers reach temperatures that harden homemade ice cream, making it lose its natural creaminess and softness.

To make this recipe, a home ice cream maker with compressor is required.

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Preparation time
30 min

4 – 6

Total time

1h and 20 min

How to prepare: Cream ice cream

Ice Cream Preparation - Phase 1

Ice Cream Preparation - Phase 1

To prepare the cream ice cream, heat the milk, cream, vanilla and lemon and orange zest. Heat it until bubbles form at the edges of the pot, no further. Whip the egg yolks with the sugar, carob seed flour and a pinch of salt. They will need to reach a foamy consistency.

Ice Cream Preparation - Phase 2

Ice Cream Preparation - Phase 2

Add the milk and cream just heated to the egg yolk cream and return to the heat until the cream veils the back of the spoon. Allow to cool completely and pour into the ice cream maker. Leave to stir for the time necessary to obtain a silky and creamy ice cream.

Ice Cream Preparation - Phase 3

Serve the ice cream as you prefer, also excellent with crumbled corn biscuits in an ice cream maker a few minutes before finishing.