Leeks with balsamic vinegar Polenta taragna

They are prepared in a flash and are delicious: i Leeks with traditional PDO balsamic vinegar I’m a side with a delicate flavor, enlivened by a few drops of an extraordinary product, the traditional balsamic vinegar. They accompany admirably main courses from meat or fish cooked in a simple way.


  • 2 large leeks
  • Traditional Balsamic Vinegar DOP
  • Maldon salt

How to prepare: Leeks with balsamic vinegar

The recipe of Leeks with balsamic vinegar it is of a disarming ease. The leeks come steamed, sprinkled with salt flakes and seasoned with a few drops of balsamic vinegar which enhances the flavor thanks to its fantastic organoleptic qualities. A side delicious ready in 15 minutes maximum. In this recipe the use of traditional balsamic vinegar DOP, a product that does not derive from wine vinegar but is obtained only from cooked must. A product of excellence that we tell you in How to cook with PDO balsamic vinegar.

The leeks prepared in this way are ideal to accompany a cutting board of aged cheeses or main courses of meat or fish cooked in a very simple way, such as roast beef or baked sea bass.

The leek, belonging like garlic and onion to the Liliaceae family, is a vegetable from a thousand qualities. Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, it has diuretic and detoxifying properties. And then it’s delicious. Its delicate flavor, much sweeter than that of onion, enriches various preparations. Two tasty savory pies with leeks are the leek tart or the cake with leeks and brie.

The apical part of the leek, which is greener and harder, should not be thrown away: it is excellent in soups, chopped for sautéing or in preparations such as baked leek and spinach omelette.

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Easy execution Preparation time 5 min Cooking time 10 min – 15 min Servings 4

How to prepare: Leeks with balsamic vinegar

Preparation Leeks with balsamic vinegar - Phase 1

Preparation Leeks with balsamic vinegar - Phase 1

To prepare the leeks with balsamic vinegar, start peeling the vegetables by removing the rootlets at the base and the greenest and hardest final part. Wash them and cut them into rather thick transversal washers. Arrange them on a baking tray and cook them in the steam oven for 10/15 minutes. Alternatively, you can also cook them with the steamer: the essential thing is that they do not soften too much, they must remain a little “crunchy”.

Preparation Leeks with balsamic vinegar - Phase 2

Preparation Leeks with balsamic vinegar - Phase 2

Once cooked, transfer them to a serving dish and season with a few drops of IGP balsamic vinegar and Maldon salt. If you like, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.