Lemon frosting: the recipe for aromatic filling for cakes and cookies

  • Amount to cover a 26cm diameter cake

  • Granulated sugar
    300 grams
    • 389 kcal

  • Lemon juice

    100 ml
    • 750 kcal

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

The lemon frosting it is a perfect aromatic coating for decorating cakes, desserts, semifreddo and cookies, especially in summer: the acidity of this fragrant citrus fruit, in fact, helps to dilute the sweetness of basic sugars, giving balance and freshness to all preparations. The preparation is very simple: just mix icing sugar and lemon juice to give the icing the right consistency. Those who prefer can add a little lukewarm water to make the frosting more delicate. Here’s how to do it in minutes.

How to make lemon frosting

Lemon frosting the recipe for aromatic filling for cakes and

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Put the sifted icing sugar in a bowl, and add the filtered lemon juice little by little, stirring constantly with a metal spoon. While turning, check the consistency of the icing: if you prefer it more liquid, add a little lemon juice or lukewarm water, if you want it to be thicker, add more sifted icing sugar, little by little. The end result will be a smooth and shiny lemon frosting. Once ready, brush it on your cakes, let it solidify for at least an hour and serve.


For the preparation of the lemon glaze, choose slightly acidic lemons: preferably those from the Sorrento Peninsula, which have an intense aroma but a less acidic taste.

You can enrich the lemon icing by adding lemon zest, candied lemon, but also mint leaves, also depending on the dessert you have to garnish.

If you want to add a more delicate flavor to your lemon frosting, replace half the lemon juice with the same amount of lukewarm water. If, on the other hand, you want to add an alcoholic note, flavor it with limoncello: use two parts of lemon juice, one of water and one of limoncello.

Lemon frosting is ideal for covering a soft and light lemon plum cake, but also the classic donut, to give an extra touch to a simple and chewy grandma’s cake.

For even faster preparation, you can prepare the lemon icing with thermomix: pour the filtered lemon juice into the pitcher, add the icing sugar and cook for 30 sec. at speed 5.


Alternatively, you can prepare the lemon icing with egg whites: in this case we speak of royal icing, prepared with 250 grams of powdered sugar, 1 egg white and the juice of one lemon. This type of lemon frosting will be brighter and solidify in less time because it is more dense. It is ideal for making writings, decorations or drawings on your desserts.


The lemon glaze can be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of 4 days covered with cling film.