Lettuce and pineapple salad Polenta taragna


That of thelettuce and pineapple salad it is a fresh and delicious combination. A very quick idea to prepare a salad suitable like starter or side.

You can add a few cubes of cheese, gruyere to keep a sweet note, flakes of parmesan or cubes of fontina for a tastier point, and transform pineapple and lettuce salad in a second light dish.

The slightly sour sweetness of the pineapple makes this exotic fruit actually quite versatile in the kitchen as well. Not only in the preparation of mixed salads with fruit but also of main courses such as skewers of pork alananas or the succulent Brazilian roast of veal, with fresh pineapple and dried fruit.

There lettuce, the best known of the green salads cutting, it is anything but trivial. Just enhance it with the right ingredients! Here are some tasty single dishes that have lettuce among the protagonists: Paul Bocuse’s café de Paris salad and Chicken salad.

OTHER TASTY RECIPES: Curly salad of green beans and currants; Strawberry salad; Tomato and peach salad; Avocado, mango and carrot salad

Preparation time
10 min


How to prepare: Lettuce and pineapple salad

Preparation of lettuce and pineapple salad - Step 1

Preparation of lettuce and pineapple salad - Step 1

Making this salad is quick and easy. Clean the lettuce, divide it into leaves, wash and dry them. Break them up with your hands, placing them on a large plate or salad bowl. Cut the pineapple into small pieces and spread it over the salad. Sprinkle it with the lime juice.

Preparation of lettuce and pineapple salad - Step 2

Season with a drizzle of oil, a sprinkle of white pepper, mix well and serve lettuce and pineapple salad.


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