Malaga Bûche de Noël ice cream with marrons glacés and chocolate

Preparation time
30 min
Resting place
Rest time


How to prepare: Malaga ice cream

Malaga Gelato Preparation - Phase 1

Malaga Gelato Preparation - Phase 1

To prepare the Malaga ice cream you need to follow the recipe for cream ice cream, also known as Italian vanilla, eliminating the vanilla pod and lemon peel from the ingredients. You need to get a neutral cream that will be the basis of your Malaga ice cream. Follow the recipe and let the mixture cool.

Malaga Gelato Preparation - Phase 2

Malaga Gelato Preparation - Phase 2

Meanwhile, soak raisins for 15-20 minutes in lukewarm water. Squeeze it well and then let it swell for another 20 minutes in the Malaga wine. When the ice cream is almost ready in the ice cream maker, add 1 deciliter of Malaga wine and raisins. Serve your ice cream at Malaga!


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