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Prepare the at home recipe of N egroni it’s very easy: few moves, quality ingredients and the famous gin based drink, red vermouth and bitter is served. A classic aperitif with an unmistakable dark orange color, that you can also sip after dinner in one evening with friends. Here’s how to prepare the Negroni cocktail, with the tips of a professional bartender.


  • 30 ml of gin
  • 30 ml of Campari or Martini bitters
  • 30 ml of red Vermouth
  • orange slice
  • ice

We asked Federico Volpe, Bar Manager of the Dry Milano restaurant, to prepare the Negroni recipe.

We tell you what you need to know about this cocktail to serve as aperitif or after dinner: the glass to use, the right ingredients, some shrewdness And curiosity.

Follow the step by step recipe for making Negroni at home: it only takes you 5 minutes. It’s a cocktail from dry and bitter taste and easy to do, just be careful with the doses and not water it down too much with ice. Don’t forget the right glass. You will make a great impression with minimal effort.

There history of the Negroni is very charming: this cocktail, which in 2019 it turns 100 years old, is the typical aperitif widespread in Tuscany, a classic in Florence.

Has been invented in 1919 from and to Count Camillo Negroni: returning from one of his many trips to London, the Count asked the barman Fosco Scarselli of the elegant Caffè Casoni in Florence “A good dose of gin” in the usual Milan-Turin (red vermouth and Campari bitters, which later with the addition of soda was renamed American in honor of the boxer Primo Carnera, the first European to win the title of the greatest overseas).

Here is the recipe to prepare theAmerican, beloved cocktail based on bitters, red vermouth and soda. Perfect for an aperitif!

Watch the video of the American


The ingrediants they unite England, land of gin, with Milan, home of Campari and Turin, kingdom of Vermouth. To dose the quantities exactly you can use the jigger, hourglass-shaped dispenser used by barmen. To mix everything, equip yourself with bar spoon, long-handled spoon.

The Negroni is getting ready directly into the bass tumbler Well yes decorate with an orange slice. There alcohol content it is high: it is around 28%.

A very famous variant is the Wrong Negroni: a cocktail created at the Bar Basso in Milan in 1972 by bartender Mirko Stocchetto and then simply called Sbagliato. In this drink the brut sparkling wine replaces the gin for a lighter result thanks to the lower alcohol content.

At the time of the aperitif we advise you to sip a Negroni with some appetizers. Meatballs are perfect. Here are 10 ways to say meatballs for an aperitif with friends.

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How to prepare: Negroni

Easy execution Preparation time 5 min Servings 1

How to prepare: Negroni

Negroni Preparation - Phase 1

Negroni Preparation - Phase 1

To prepare the Negroni pour the Campari bitter into the glass. Then add the red Vermouth. To be precise in the doses, use the jigger, a dispenser used by barmen.

Negroni Preparation - Phase 2

Negroni Preparation - Phase 2

At this point pour the gin. The next step is to add ice to the glass: this step we advise you to do now and not with the glass empty: in this way the ice does not heat up and the Negroni does not water. In this case, in fact, the ice makes the cocktail more homogeneous. Mix with the help of the bar spoon.

Negroni Preparation - Phase 3

Garnish your Negroni with a slice of orange. Health!