French Toast: original recipe for a delicious breakfast


French toasts are an American preparation, even if the name might suggest a French origin, and are eaten for breakfast or brunch. According to the original recipe, the slices of brioche bread are dipped in a mixture of eggs and

French toast in the oven

French toast in the oven

The French toast is a typical recipe for American breakfast , usually made from bread , fresh or salt version, fried in a pan. We offer a dessert recipe , the oven , ideal to start the day with the right energy!  The  original French toast recipe  involves the use of  bread , to be

Coffee banana bread, cashews and chocolate chips

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The banana bread with coffee, cashew nuts and chocolate chips is meant for breakfast or a rich brunch Sunday. But the recipe is so easy that it makes you want to prepare it often and the dessert so good that a slice can be enjoyed with pleasure even as a  snack and

Banana Bread Recipe

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The banana bread is a kind of plum banana. It is difficult to establish the original recipe , in fact there are several variations. We offer you a very simple , fast and butter-free one . This American dessert should be served for breakfast, accompanied by butter and jam, or enjoyed on its

Fig and banana bread


This fig and banana bread is designed for both sweet and savory breakfasts , as an accompaniment to compotes, jams, soft cheeses and smoked fish.It is done in a few simple steps , it only takes 10 minutes of preparation and the fig and banana bread is ready