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Recipes with fish always seem like a big challenge in the kitchen. Instead, there are dishes for everyone, like this one trout in a pan, easy to be made e very tasty.

The fish cooked in a pan it’s a great idea to bring easy (often quick) recipes to the table to share as a family or even for one dinner with friends: also try the salmon trout fillets with lemon and gin.

If you are unfamiliar with fish, have the fishmonger fillet the trout: at home, just cut the fillets in half and flavor them with this delicious condiment inspired by that of trout Piedmont style, with raisins, onion, celery, lemon zest, sage and rosemary. For an aromatic and creamy result: also thanks to the accompanying sauce that is easily obtained from the cooking sauce.

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Preparation time
15 min
Cooking time

25 min


4 – 6

Total time

50 min

How to prepare: Pan-fried trout

Pan trout preparation - Phase 1

Pan trout preparation - Phase 1

Here’s how to prepare pan-fried trout. First place the trout fillets on a cutting board and divide them in half. Flour them lightly, removing excess flour if necessary.

Pan trout preparation - Phase 2

Pan trout preparation - Phase 2

In a saucepan, heat three tablespoons of oil, add onion, celery, rosemary and sage all finely chopped, leave to flavor for 10 minutes: add the floured trout fillets.

Pan trout preparation - Phase 3

Pan trout preparation - Phase 3

Sprinkle them with five tablespoons of vinegar, sprinkle everything with a little grated lemon peel and raisins, mix. After a few minutes, pour a small glass of broth, cover, cook for about 10 minutes.

Pan trout preparation - Step 4

Pan trout preparation - Step 4

Transfer the fillets to a serving dish, leaving the cooking juices in the pan. Over low heat, mix the yolk diluted with a tablespoon of broth in the cooking liquid, adjust the salt and reduce. Serve the trout fillets in a pan with their sauce.


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