Peppered Bucatini mussels with mussel sauce

L’peppered with mussels is a recipe from tradition marinara Neapolitan. Very easy to make is a dish that can be served as second dish or starter and it must absolutely be shared, whether it is for a summer lunch in family oa dinner with friends.


  • 1 kg and a half of mussels
  • black pepper

How to prepare: Peppered mussels

A seafood appetizer of the Campania tradition, Neapolitan in particular, simple but irresistible. We are talking aboutpeppered with mussels. The recipe is very easy and quick: the mussels are opened in a pot over a high heat and seasoned with plenty black pepper. Stop. The taste of the sea they give off is exquisite.

Being such a simple dish, the secret to aexcellent success is, as always, the quality of the product. The mussels must be very fresh and they go clean carefully. First of all, the broken and open ones must be eliminated, a sign that the mollusk is dead. Then equip yourself with a small knife and scrape off all the encrustations from the shells, then rub them very well with a metal sponge or a brush, possibly under the light jet of running water.
If present, also remove the “barbetta” that comes out of the valve (and keeps the mussels anchored to the rock) the so-called byssus. Thus, well cleaned and rinsed, they are ready for cooking.

Mussels, but also muscles, peoci or mussels. They are very tasty, tender and easily digestible. With their yellow – orange color they are an essential ingredient in the great dishes of the maritime tradition: Risotto with seafood and Spaghetti allo scoglio, for example. However, they also lend themselves to more creative proposals such as the Cream of carrots and mussels.

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Easy Execution Preparation Time 45 min Cooking Time 10 min Servings 4

How to prepare: Peppered mussels

Peppery mussel preparation - Phase 1

Peppery mussel preparation - Phase 1

To make the mussel pepper, clean the mussels well and wash them under running water. Then transfer them to a rather large pan, placed on a high flame, and cover with a lid. When the valves begin to open, sprinkle with black pepper, strictly ground at the moment, and shake the pot holding it by the handles so that the pepper is distributed well. When the mussels have all opened, turn off the heat immediately.

Peppery mussel preparation - Phase 2

Transfer the mussel pepper to a serving dish and serve immediately.