Potato chips Cabbage salad

Preparation time
15 min
Cooking time

10 min



How to prepare: Potato chips

Preparation of Potato Chips - Phase 1

Preparation of Potato Chips - Phase 1

Making potato chips is very simple. Wash the potatoes, peel them, dry them and cut them very finely (just under 1 mm thick) with the help of a mandolin.

Preparation of Potato Chips - Phase 2

Preparation of Potato Chips - Phase 2

Gradually dip the slices in a bowl full of cold water to lose part of the starch. Drain them from the water and dab gently one by one with a clean cloth (or with absorbent paper) to dry them well. Pour plenty of oil into a pan with high sides and, when it reaches the maximum temperature of 160 °, immerse the potato slices in it (a few at a time). As soon as they have finished sizzling and become golden, quickly remove them from the oil with a skimmer, drain them well and place them on a tray lined with kitchen paper. Add salt and arrange the potato chips well scattered, trying not to overlap them, so that excess oil is absorbed by the paper and the chips cool and dry at the same time.

Preparation of Potato Chips - Phase 3

Once cold and crunchy, transfer the potato chips to a basket or bowl and serve.


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