Quinoa cookies

Let’s see how to use quinoa flour with an easy recipe: quinoa cookies with chocolate chips. These gluten-free cookies are also lactose-free since we have replaced the butter that is generally used for shortcrust pastry with seed oil. If you prefer you can use grapeseed oil, corn oil or extra virgin olive oil, but choose it with a delicate taste. You can enrich these quinoa cookies with dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk, but if you like you can replace the chocolate with raisins. These quinoa flour cookies are ready in no time and are great for a snack or breakfast because they are very nutritious, yet healthy. They can also be prepared without sugar and without eggs. Let’s see how.


  • quinoa flour 270 g
  • egg 2
  • sugar 85 g
  • sunflower oil 70 ml
  • chocolate chips 110 g


  1. Whip the eggs with the sugar until a frothy mixture is obtained.

  2. Add the quinoa flour and mix well, pour in the oil and mix the ingredients.

  3. Add the chocolate chips and transfer the pastry obtained on the work surface.

  4. Work the dough with your hands on the floured work surface and form a cylinder of about 7 cm in diameter. Cut 1 cm discs, and arrange them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

  5. Cook for about 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. The quinoa cookies are ready, let them cool before enjoying.

Sugar-free quinoa cookies

Sugar-free quinoa cookies

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If you want to prepare excellent sugar-free quinoa cookies, you can easily replace the latter with erythritol which contains 0% carbohydrates and therefore has a glycemic index equal to zero. Therefore it is suitable for diabetics as it does not affect blood sugar. It is also suitable for those suffering from fructose intolerance, as it does not affect glycogen metabolism.

Quinoa cookies without eggs

quinoa cookies without eggs

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For the variant of quinoa biscuits without eggs you have two alternatives, you can replace the eggs with a glass of milk, even vegetable, or use the crushed pulp of two very ripe bananas. You can also combine half a teaspoon of baking powder, usually made up of ammonia, for soft cookies.

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