Risotto with langoustine cream: the recipe for the first creamy and fragrant

  • Carnaroli rice
    • 45 kcal

  • Langoustines
    • 71 kcal

  • Fresh cooking cream

    60 ml
  • Spring onion
    • 30 kcal

  • clove garlic

  • Extra virgin olive oil

    to taste
    • 0 kcal
  • Chopped fresh parsley
    to taste
    • 21 kcal

  • Grated lemon zest
    to taste

  • salt

    to taste
    • 21 kcal
  • pepper
    to taste
    • 79 kcal

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

the Risotto with langoustine cream it’s a first course from fish simple, elegant and delicious. In our version, we prepared it with fresh scampis and fragrant beyond parsley And lemon, to give it a touch of freshness Following. Finally we have cream the risotto with a cream based on sautéed shrimps, fish stock and crème fraîche, for a velvety result with an intense taste of the sea. An ideal dish for Sunday lunch, for a feast day or for a special occasion: here is how to make the risotto with langoustine cream. perfection.

How to prepare a risotto with langoustine cream

clean langoustines

Clean the shrimp by removing the head (1), shell and black internal thread. Rinse them under running water and dry them with paper towels.

prepare a comic

Use all the leftovers to prepare the stock: collect them in a saucepan, along with the scallion (2), a few peppercorns and a sprig of parsley. Fill halfway with water and bring to a boil.

skip the langoustines

About half an hour after the cartoon boils, start preparing the risotto. Heat a drizzle of oil in a pan, brown a clove of garlic and add the cleaned shrimp (3). Sauté them quickly over high heat for 2-3 minutes.

toast rice

Take most of the shrimp (leaving only a few aside for the decoration of the dish) and mix them in a hand blender with a ladle of stock and cream. In a low-sided saucepan, heat a drizzle of oil and toast the rice (4).


Deglaze the rice with the fish broth, adding a ladle (6) as it is absorbed. Bring the risotto to cooking and season with salt and pepper.


Remove from the heat and incorporate the shrimp cream (7).

Risotto with langoustine cream

Serve immediately, garnishing the dish with sautéed shrimp, chopped parsley, grated lemon zest and freshly ground pepper (8).


If you don’t like the cream, you can use del to create the scampi cream mascarpone cheese, from robiola or the ricotta cheese. If you prefer, instead of sautéing the shrimp, you can grill them: the preparation will be lighter and the grill will give a light smoky touch to the risotto.

Instead of parsley, you can also use other aromatic herbs: they will do the trick very well. fresh mint, chives Where basil. If you like spices, you can add some chopped hot pepper In the caserole.

If you comic book advance don’t throw it away, but freeze it to reuse it for another fish dish.


The risotto with langoustine cream should be eaten immediately, otherwise it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 day, sealed in an airtight container. Freezing is not recommended.