Salty sponge cake Focaccia with pumpkin, red onion and black olives

Here is an alternative version of one of the most classic pastry recipes. The salty sponge cake it’s a ideal base for stuffing, just like the sweet one. Fluffy and inviting, you can use it to make delicious appetizers.



  • 160 g of flour 00
  • 6 eggs at room temperature
  • 35 g of granulated sugar
  • fine salt
  • pepper

    TO DO:

  • 150 g of cooked ham
  • mayonnaise to taste
  • lettuce
  • 100 g of cheese (such as Emmentaler or Gruyere)

Canapes, sandwiches, sandwiches: the delicious appetizers that can be made with this recipe are many. We are talking about the Salty sponge cake, an alternative variant of the classic base used in pastry which, also in this case, is perfect to be stuffed, to create personalized snacks according to taste.

We offer it to you in version rustic pie, to be served cut into tasty slices stuffed with baked ham, cheese, lettuce and a light coat of mayonnaise.

Soft and tasty, it is not complicated to make, but like sweet sponge cake you have to follow the procedure carefully: it is important that the whipped mixture is frothy and puffy, to be soft once cooked.

If you want other ideas for aperitifs with family and friends, or to take as lunch for outings, the 10 focaccias for the summer are perfect. And if you love quiches with a fluffy base, try the salty Danube or the salted Angelica.

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How to prepare: Salty sponge cake

Medium execution Preparation time 20 min Cooking time 30 min – 35 min Resting place Oven Standing time 5 min Servings 8 – 10

How to prepare: Salty sponge cake

Preparation of salty sponge cake - Phase 1

Preparation of salty sponge cake - Phase 1

The initial phase of the salty sponge cake is important for the excellent success of the recipe. Collect the eggs with sugar and salt in the mixer. Whip everything with a whisk for about 15-20 minutes until you get a light, very swollen and foamy compound which, if lifted, will have to compose a sort of ribbon and remain visible for a few seconds before sinking. Incorporate the flour pouring it rain, the pepper and mix gently with a spatula, from bottom to top, so as not to disassemble.

Preparation of salty sponge cake - Phase 2

Preparation of salty sponge cake - Phase 2

Pour the mixture into a 24 cm diameter mold, greased and floured, and gently level with a spatula, without beating or applying pressure. Bake in a preheated oven, in ventilated mode, at 165-170 ° for about 30-35 minutes, or in any case until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out dry. Turn off and leave the sponge cake still in the oven for 5 minutes, then take it out of the oven and turn it over on a cutting board. Allow to cool completely before cutting in half and stuffing.

Preparation of salty sponge cake - Phase 3

Cover with the remaining half: the savory sponge cake is served.