Sea bream in foil Sea bream ravioli and light pesto with clams and capers

baked sea bream it’s a second course of fish passepartout, perfect for a dinner with friends, as well as for a Sunday lunch with the family. You choose to bring this fish to the table because its meats are tasty and there are many preparations that enhance them, especially in the oven, such as baked sea bream enriched with onions and cherry tomatoes, sea bream in salt or the one we offer here.

The foil is a method that guarantees one light cooking, as an envelope it retains the vapor that is created, and uniform. Moreover, it also retains all the flavors and aromas that will be released once opened.

In this version, sea bream is cooked with herbs such as thyme and rosemary, lemon slices, garlic, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and salt, but it can be customized at will, with the addition of vegetables for example. If you are looking for easy recipes with fish, browse our gallery 30 easy fish recipes to make a great impression.

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Preparation time
15 min
Cooking time

35 min – 40 min



Total time

2h and 10 min

How to prepare: Sea bream in foil

Preparation of sea bream in foil - Phase 1

Preparation of sea bream in foil - Phase 1

Preparing sea bream in foil is easy. First wash the aromatic herbs, dry them, chop them and cut the lemon into slices. Place the sea bream on a cutting board and stuff them inside with rosemary, thyme, half a clove of garlic each and extra virgin olive oil. Place the lemon slices and the herbs on the surface as well. Transfer to a baking tray where you have spread two sheets of parchment paper: add salt and pepper, pour a drizzle of oil and close like a candy.

Preparation of sea bream in foil - Phase 2

Preparation of sea bream in foil - Phase 2

Bake at 180 degrees for about 30/35 minutes. The delorata meat must be soft, not too dry. Remove from the oven, open: sea bream in foil is ready to be served with a spoonful of the cooking sauce based on oil and aromatic herbs.