Spaghetti alla carbonara Strozzapreti, pecorino romano and smoked bacon

The spaghetti carbonara they are a great classic of Italian cuisine. A recipe that everyone agrees when it is celebrated and that instead divides when it comes to preparing it. Just see on the net: famous (and not) chefs offer their variant, as many have its own version, perhaps handed down in the family.
Our recipe is inspired by the most traditional one possible, at least in the choice of ingredients, which are: jowls, pecorino romano DOP, egg yolk, freshly ground pepper And spaghetti. Here’s what to pay attention to in order not to make mistakes:

1) Pillow: assuming that bacon or bacon should not even be taken into consideration, the choice of bacon is also important. Buy a whole piece, not already diced or sliced. As a proportion, the bacon must have approximately the same weight as the pasta. Remove the rind and remove the parts with the aromas: they risk giving too much flavor. Then cut it into not small cubes, about 1 cm per side: in this way, when cooked, the meat will not dry out, remaining caramelized on the outside and buttery on the inside.

2) Pecorino Romano DOP: it is an essential ingredient of many Roman dishes, such as gricia. We opted for a Pecorino Romano DOP aged in Black Peel: it has a rustic and salty taste, ideal for enhancing this dish.

3) Yolks: in this recipe we use 5 egg yolks for 4 people. We beat the egg yolks in a bowl in a bain-marie, carrying out a kind of pasteurization: in this phase it is important that the temperature of the egg does not exceed 60 ° / 65 ° otherwise it could tear.

4) Spaghetti: ideal would be to use a high quality artisan pasta. If you opt for spaghetti like us, choose a medium size: to ensure a good creaming with the yolk sauce, neither those that are too small (for example n.5) nor those that are too large are suitable.

By following these directions and our recipe you will have one bacon and egg that will fully satisfy you!

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Preparation time
20 min
Cooking time

10 min



Total time

30 min

How to prepare: Spaghetti alla carbonara

Preparation of Spaghetti alla carbonara - Phase 1

Preparation of Spaghetti alla carbonara - Phase 1

Here’s how to prepare spaghetti carbonara: first clean the piece of bacon, removing the rind. Cut the piece of bacon into cubes and put them to brown in a large pan. No oil is needed, as the bacon will release its fat during cooking. Once the bacon has browned, turn off the heat and keep the excess fat.

Preparation of Spaghetti alla carbonara - Phase 2

Preparation of Spaghetti alla carbonara - Phase 2

Now devote yourself to the eggs, of which you will use only the yolks: beat them in a metal bowl with the fat from the bacon filtered with a strainer. Bring some water to a boil in a saucepan. Place the bowl on the edge of the pot and work the egg yolks with a whisk in a bain-marie. Add the pecorino and continue mixing. Remove from the heat: if you notice that the sauce obtained is too thick, add a few tablespoons of hot water in order to obtain a shiny and creamy mixture.

Preparation of Spaghetti alla carbonara - Phase 3

Preparation of Spaghetti alla carbonara - Phase 3

Boil the spaghetti al dente in not too salty water (the sauce is already very savory) and add them to the bacon. Cook for a couple of minutes on the fire and transfer everything to a large bowl. At this point add the cream of egg yolks, black pepper and mix well.

Preparation of Spaghetti alla carbonara - Phase 4

Portion into serving dishes and complete with pecorino cheese and a sprinkling of black pepper. The spaghetti carbonara are ready to be served.