Tuna mousse Discs of panettone with herb butter and smoked trout

Preparation time
10 min

6 – 8

How to prepare: Tuna mousse

Preparation of Tuna Mousse - Phase 1

Preparation of Tuna Mousse - Phase 1

Preparing the tuna mousse is very simple. Drain the capers from the vinegar, or by soaking them in water if you have chosen the salty ones to be desalted. Also drain the tuna and anchovy fillets from their oil and chop them. Squeeze the lemon and pass the juice through a colander, cut the butter into small pieces. Collect all the ingredients listed in the blender jug, add a freshly ground pepper and press the button intermittently for 2-3 minutes until you get the consistency of a mousse.

Preparation of Tuna Mousse - Phase 2

Transfer the mixture to one or more serving bowls and serve the tuna mousse with toasted bread, breadsticks or lightly salted crackers.


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