What happens when you try to fry a frozen turkey?

What happens if you fry a frozen turkey?

Let this video serve as your public service announcement before Thanksgiving: never, EVER put a frozen turkey in a deep fryer. …when it happens it moves the oil causing it to bubble and when that reacts with a flame you have a giant turkey fire. More than 1,000 fires are caused each year by turkey fryers.

Why shouldn’t you fry a frozen turkey?

Partially frozen turkeys placed in the fryer may cause a overflow effect also causing a fire. Without thermostat controls, fryers have the potential to overheat the oil to the point of combustion.

Why does a frozen turkey explode when fried?

(Temperatures vary depending on the type of oil. … So when ice from a frozen turkey meets a vat of hot oil, it instantly turns into vapor and expands up to 1,700 times its original volume. This can cause the oil to bubble up and if a particle of oil comes in contact with a flame – boom – you’re in trouble.

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Can you put frozen food in a deep fryer?

This one may seem obvious, but frozen food make the perfect fry container. Most frozen products, such as French fries, are blanched before freezing, which reduces cooking times. This means that you will have food cooked at full speed!

When should I thaw my turkey for frying?

Putting a partially frozen or frozen turkey in a hot fryer can cause a fire and/or a large oil spill. To thaw your bird in advance, you need to plan 24 full hours of refrigerator thawing for every four to five pounds. It is safe to assume that a 12 pound bird will be completely thawed after three days in the refrigerator.

Why do people fry turkey?

Frying a turkey is a vastly superior option for countless reasons. Most importantly, as anyone who’s tried it will tell you, it’s better than roast turkey. White meat is moister, dark meat is even tastier, and the skin, while not always totally crispy, is never slimy and gross.

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How to cook a frozen turkey in a deep fryer?

Before cooking your turkey

  1. Select your turkey for frying. …
  2. Thaw frozen turkey completely before frying. …
  3. Remove the neck and giblets from the turkey cavity. …
  4. Place the turkey in the fryer and fill it with clean water until the water reaches about 1 inch below the top of the turkey.

Can you fry a turkey in the garage?

Never use the turkey fryer on a wooden deck, in a garage, under awnings or near a wooden structure. The fryer should always be used at a safe distance from the house or adjoining buildings. 3. Keep fryer away from all flammable and combustible materials such as gas grills and vehicles.

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Can you fry a turkey outside if it’s raining?

Never operate a fryer outdoors in the rain or snow. Place the fryer on a flat surface and avoid moving it after use. … Buy a deep fryer with temperature controls and carefully monitor the oil temperature. Cooking oil that is heated beyond its smoking point can ignite.

Can a fried turkey explode?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, turkey fryer fires cause more than $15 million in property damage each year, as well as injuries from fires or splash burns. … Partially frozen turkeys may explode on contact with oil. They can also cause splashes and spills.

Why do fryers explode?

When water touches oil, resulting in explosive splashes. This can happen if you transfer food straight from the freezer into hot oil. Moisture from food will form steam bubbles. It will sputter and cause burns or even start a fire.