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Macarons are one of the most delicious French treats ever invented. They’re delicate, sweet, and come in a variety of flavors that can please any palate. However, baking macarons is not an easy task. The process requires precision, patience, and, most of all, parchment paper. But what happens when you don’t have this seemingly essential ingredient on hand? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore alternative ways to bake macarons without parchment paper.

Can You Bake Macarons Without Parchment Paper?

The short answer is yes, you can bake macarons without parchment paper. However, it may be challenging to get the same results as when using parchment paper. This is because parchment paper plays a critical role in creating even and consistent heat distribution during baking.

Wax paper or aluminum foil may seem like suitable replacements for parchment paper; however, they’re not recommended for use when baking macarons. Wax paper has a thin layer of wax that melts easily in the oven and will stick to your macarons once baked. Likewise, aluminum foil can reflect heat unevenly which creates hotspots that may burn your macarons.

Alternative Methods to Bake Macarons Without Parchment Paper

When faced with a shortage of parchment paper while baking macarons, there are several viable alternatives that can create similar results.

Silicone Mats

One excellent alternative for parchment paper is using silicone mats. These mats feature a non-stick surface and are heat-resistant making them perfect for baking macarons. Silicone mats also provide a more even heat distribution and prevent sticking.

When using silicone mats for macaron baking:
– Make sure your silicone mat fits snugly inside your baking sheet.
– Pipe your macaron batter onto the mat with enough space between each circle.
– Once piped cookies onto the mat, tap the pan gently against a surface to remove any air bubbles.
– Allow the macarons to rest before baking as you would usually do.

Non-Stick Spray

Another method for baking macarons without parchment paper is by applying non-stick spray directly onto the baking sheet. This will serve as a barrier that prevents sticking and helps in even heat distribution. Although not ideal, this option may work when out of parchment paper.

If using non-stick spray for macaron baking:
– Generously coat your baking sheet with non-stick spray.
– Once coated, piped cookies onto the tray, leaving some space between each circle.
– Allow the macrons to rest before baking as you would usually do.

Cornmeal or Flour Dusting

Dusting cookie sheets with either cornmeal or flour works well to prevent sticking while creating small ridges on the surface where your macarons will sit, giving them structure and making them crunchy on the bottom.

Tips on using Cornmeal or Flour Dusting:
– Lightly coat your baking sheet with cornmeal or flour.
– Tap off any excess from the sheets.

Grease and Flour

Another alternative method when out of parchment paper is by greasing and dusting your sheet pan with flour. This method is similar to using cornmeal or flour; however, it requires adding a layer of fat (butter) first before powdering up. The combined effect of fat and flour creates a good textured base and makes it easy for macarons to release from the sheet.

Best practices when Greasing and Flouring Pan:
– Use a pastry brush or clean fingers to apply butter to your baking sheets thoroughly.
– When evenly applied, add a dash of flour over the areas where your macarons will sit.
– Tap off any excess flour that may have accumulated on the sheet.

Teflon Sheets

Teflon sheets are a durable and heat-resistant option that works well for macaron baking. They’re available in many sizes and can be cut to your desired size, making them a perfect replacement for parchment paper. Teflon sheets are also non-stick, making it easy to release macarons from the sheet.

Tips on Using Teflon Sheets:
– Cut your Teflon sheet to fit snugly inside your baking sheet.
– Pipe your macarons onto the Teflon sheet with enough space between each circle.
– Allow the macrons to rest before baking as you would usually do.


In conclusion, parchment paper is essential when baking macarons. However, when faced with a shortage of it, there are several viable alternatives that can produce similar results. Silicone mats are perfect replacements since they provide even heat distribution and prevent sticking. Non-stick sprays, cornmeal/flour dustings, and greasing/flouring work well too, although they don’t provide even heat distribution. Teflon sheets are durable and heat-resistant options for macaron baking.

When attempting these alternatives without parchment paper, ensure you follow instructions carefully to get ideal results. With these methods at your disposal, you can bake delicious macarons without worrying about running out of parchment paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bake macarons without using parchment paper?

Yes, you can. There are other alternatives to parchment paper that you can use for baking macarons such as silicon mats or Teflon sheets. These options offer similar results to using parchment paper.

Will my macarons turn out just as good if I don’t use parchment paper?

The texture and appearance of your macarons might be slightly different when you use an alternative product for baking instead of parchment paper. However, the difference is negligible, and your macarons will still taste just as delicious.

Are there any tips to keep in mind when baking macarons without parchment paper?

If you’re using silicon mats or Teflon sheets instead of parchment paper, make sure to spray them with cooking spray to ensure that your macarons don’t stick. Additionally, allow the mat/sheet to cool down before removing the macarons to keep their shape intact.

Which option is better between silicon mats and Teflon sheets?

Both options offer satisfactory results for baking macarons without parchment paper. However, silicon mats are reusable and environmentally friendly, while Teflon sheets are more affordable and disposable. Choose the option that fits your preferences best.

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