best answer how long does it take to cook a steak on a holland grill

There’s nothing quite like biting into a perfectly cooked steak, with a juicy and flavorful center and a crisp exterior. Cooking steak is an art form, and with so many different grilling methods available it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But fear not, because we’ve got the inside scoop on one of the best ways to grill your steak – on a Holland grill. In this article, we’ll answer the age-old question of how long it takes to cook a steak on a Holland grill, leaving you with mouth-watering results every time. So fire up your grill, grab your tongs, and get ready for some serious grilling knowledge!

Best Answer: How Long Does it Take to Cook a Steak on a Holland Grill?

Holland grills are known for their ability to cook meat evenly, making them the perfect choice for a steak lover. Cooking your steak on a Holland grill ensures that your meat is perfectly cooked, juicy and tender. However, it can be challenging to decide exactly how long you should cook your steak for. In this article, we will guide you through the process of cooking the perfect steak on a Holland grill.


Holland grills are high-end gas grills that use indirect heat to cook food. They come with exclusive features such as stainless steel construction, dual burners and grated racks that offer consistency in heat distribution. When it comes to cooking steak, getting it right matters since steak is among the trickiest meats to prepare properly. Achieving a juicy and perfectly cooked steak is an art form, which is why using a Holland grill has become one of the preferred methods of cooking steaks all around the world.

The Importance Of Cooking Steak Properly

Cooking your steak properly isn’t just about taste – it’s also critical from a health perspective. Undercooked meat can cause food poisoning or other illnesses which can lead to hospitalization or worse. Therefore, knowing how long to cook your steak is essential if you want not only an enjoyable meal but also one that is safe and healthy.

Preparing The Grill

Before you start grilling your steak, take time to prepare your Holland grill properly. This includes cleaning it up and adjusting the temperature of the grill before starting to grill.

Cleaning The Grill

The first step in prepping your Holland grill is cleaning it up properly with soap and water before starting any cooking. The grates, heat shields, burners should all be cleaned thoroughly before they are used again. This is important if you want to maintain consistent heating patterns and flavors.

Starting The Grill And Temperature Setting

The next thing is to start the grill and let it heat up to the desired temperature. The temperature for your steak will vary based on the cut of meat you have as well as your personal preference for doneness (more on this later). Once you have decided on your desired temperature, adjust the grill accordingly.

Preparing The Steak

If you want to achieve a mouth-watering steak cooked correctly every time, preparation is crucial. Be sure to select fresh cuts of meat and season them with spices or marinades that complement its flavor profile.

Choosing Your Cut Of Meat

The most popular cuts of steaks are sirloin, ribeye, tenderloin, T-bone and porterhouse. Selecting your ideal cut depends on your personal preference for taste, tenderness or bone structure.

Pre-Seasoning Your Steak

About 20-30 minutes before grilling your steak, pre-season the meat by rubbing it with salt and other dry herbs that complement its flavor profile. You do not need excessive quantities of seasoning – just enough to add a mild crust during cooking is essential.

Cooking Time Guidelines

How long you cook depends solely on two main factors; how thick or thin it is and how done (rare, medium rare etc.) you want it.

General Cooking Times Per Side For Different Cuts Of Steak:

  • Sirloin / Strip Steak:
    1 inch thick steak takes about 4-5 minutes per side for medium-rare, or 5-6 minutes for medium.
  • Rib Eye:
    1 inch thick steak should cook for about 4-5 minutes for rare/medium-rare, up to 7-8min for medium-well.
  • Filet Mignon / Tenderloin:
    1.5 inches thick tenderloin needs at least six minutes of cooking time, flipping once.

Rare, Medium Rare, or Well Done?

The temperature you set your grill will depend on how well done you prefer your steak. Below is the temperature range and corresponding internal meat temperatures based on a meat thermometer.

  • Rare: The internal temperature ranges between (120°F -130°F). Cook for around two to three minutes on each side.
  • Medium rare: The internal temperature ranges between (130°F -140F). Cook for an average of four minutes per side.
  • Medium: The inner temperature ranges between (155°-165°F). Cook for approximately five to seven minutes per side depending on thickness.
  • Well-done: The inner temperature ranges from (165°-170°F) but no higher. Cook the steak until it reaches around eight to ten minutes per side while also monitoring doneness with a meat thermometer.

Thickness And Weight Considerations

The thicker the cut of steak, the slower it will take longer to cook through properly to your desired level of doneness. Thus, thicker cuts require more time on the grill. Weight also comes into play concerning how long you should let your steak cook. The larger the cut of meat, the longer it will take for heat to travel to its center. When cooking thicker cuts, it’s essential to make sure you give enough time per side at lower temperatures.

Factors That Could Affect Cooking Time

The outside temperature and altitude are two external factors that can influence cooking time as well as overall temperature control while grilling.

Techniques For Perfectly Cooked Steak

Cooking steak is part science and art, requiring precision timing to achieve consistent doneness. Here are some tips you can use to ensure a perfectly cooked steak every time:

Checking The Internal Temperature With A Meat Thermometer

To determine if your steak is done correctly using a meat thermometer is essential for this purpose. Steaks are prone to variation in thickness; hence, checking their internal temperature allows one to achieve the desired level of doneness safely.

Proper Temperature Readings For Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, And Well Done:

  • Rare:
    • Internal Temp: 120° – 130°F
    • Description: The meat changes color from outside brown and inside moist red and flavorful meat texture.
  • Medium-rare:
    • Internal Temp: 130°-140°F
    • Description: A warm pink center with a slightly more profound brown color on the exterior.
  • Medium:
    • Internal temp: 145°-155°F
    • Description: The meat is mostly pink center with a light brown exterior, and it starts losing its moisture content.
  • Medium-well:
    • Interior Temperature range: 155°-165°F
    • Description: A little pink interior is left along with a well-charred brown exterior, flavoring the spices within.
  • Well done:
    • Internal Temp range of 165°F+
    • Description: There is no pinkness in the center of the end grain as the steak would have been cooked for quite some time, making it dry. Produces bolder flavors from only spices during cooking.

    Making Use Of A Timer

    A timer helps ensure perfectly timed cooking times for your steaks. Plan ahead to allocate sufficient time to read and observe how evenly your meat is cooking, taking full advantage of available grilling space per side while also monitoring doneness.

    Common Mistakes To Avoid

    If you want to prepare a perfect steak on your Holland grill every time, here are common mistakes you should avoid:

    Overcooking or Undercooking

    Cooking your steak too much can result in an overcooked and poorly textured experience. Similarly, undercooking doesn’t get your steak ready; thus, being cautious about the right timing is essential.

    Flipping Too Soon or Too Often

    You should allow each side of your steak enough time to sear perfectly on either side before flipping it over. Two flips suffice for most cuts; thus, wait patiently for the perfect time to cook, not rushing it.

    Slicing Immediately After Cooking

    Letting your steak rest for around three minutes after removing from heat and retaining its flavor at optimum levels is essential. If you slice into a hot piece of meat that has not rested long enough, all those flavorful juices will pour out.

    Advanced Cooking Tips And Tricks

    If you are looking to step up your steak game on a Holland grill, there are numerous advanced techniques you can try:

    Using A Meat Thermometer Probe While Cooking

    A Meat thermometer probe will help you keep track of the internal temperature of your steak while cooking without having to cut it open. This allows you to prevent overcooking or undercooking of the meat by taking continuous temperature readings.

    Explaining How It Works

    The thermometer has an insertion point low in the probe with an outward-facing display screen that shows the inner temperature reading throughout cooking and displays alerts whenever a safe range Is left behind.

    Examples You Can Try Out

    • Reverse searing techniques:
      • This technique involves first smoking your steaks and finishing them off on direct heat. Start by heating up one side of the grill to medium-high temperature and then smoke only one side till you achieve an internal temperature of 130°F-140°F (Medium-rare). With this index achieved, transition your steak over to higher heat than continue grilling until done correctly.
    • Cedar plank grilling techniques:
      • Soaking a cedar plank in water and placing on top of the grill, then having your steak sit directly on top serves as an effective grilling surface. This infuses flavors as you absorb heat from wood beneath.

    Tips For Achieving Unique Flavors And Tastes

    Beyond seasoning and marinating, here are unique flavor profiles you might decide to add:

    Using Marinades or Rubs To Add Flavor

    Marinating steaks overnight before smoking can enhance their flavors by allowing the marinade/spices to penetrate deep within your meat.

    • Salt / Dry Brine:
      • Description: Pour a dry rub mix on steaks overnight then grill on medium heat the following day. Salt strips away moisture for tenderness while opening up the meat pores to suck in spices more evenly while smoking with interchanging heat.
    • Balsamic Vinegar Marinade:
      • Description: For this method, combine two parts olive oil with just one part balsamic vinegar in a mixing bowl to prepare an easy marinade. Add some fresh herbs like sage or thyme and peeled garlic cloves for additional flavor.
    • Lemon Pepper Seasoning:
      • Description: Mix coarsely cracked pepper with well-chopped lemon zest and olive oil. Rub all over your steak before cooking to give it peppery tangy flavors with every bite.

      Smoking Your Steak On A Holland Grill

      A Holland grill not only functions as a flame-tender but can also smoke food with the use of flavored wood chips. This enhances the flavor profiles sliced into your steak serving and keeps it juicy through the smoking process.

      Resting And Serving Your Steak

      Gluttony is inevitable when you’re having a tasty piece of steak cooked flawlessly on a Holland grill. However, you need to give it time to rest before diving in fully.

      Importance Of Letting Your Steak Rest Before Serving

      After removing your steak from the grill, it’s essential to let it rest for five minutes before serving. This allows all the flavorful juices within to redistribute evenly throughout every part without leaking all over your plate.

      Dishing Up Your Perfect Steak

      Slice into workable portions and serve in a heap of glorious flavors with an array of accompanying side dishes. Some popular sides that complement steaks are asparagus, potatoes (mashed or fried), green salad and coleslaw.


      The secret to achieving perfectly cooked steaks on a Holland grill involves preparation, patience and precision timing based on doneness preference pieces of meat thickness/weight. By following this guide, you should be able to consistently make tender and juicy steaks that will tantalize your taste buds every time!


      This article is a thorough guide on how to cook the perfect steak on a Holland Grill. It covers everything from preparing the grill and choosing the right temperature, to selecting your cut of steak, pre-seasoning it, and cooking it to perfection using guidelines for general cooking times based on weight and thickness. The article also delves into common mistakes to avoid and provides advanced tips including techniques for reverse searing, smoking the steak, and using marinades or rubs. The author emphasizes checking the internal temperature with a meat thermometer probe while also letting your steak rest before serving. Ultimately, this article serves as an excellent resource for anyone looking to elevate their grilling game on a Holland Grill.

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