Pancake Crepes Cake

THE Pancake I’m a typical American dessert which is traditionally served at Breakfast and accompanied

Meat Cannelloni Step By Step

Meat Cannelloni, filled with pork ragout Bolognese style, béchamel sauce and parmesan cheese, are a succulent first course of the Emilian tradition.

Cold couscous with vegetables Recipe

Cold couscous with vegetables is an easy, tasty and healthy summer dish. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and zucchini are the perfect toppings for this seasonal recipe.

Baked Chicken Breast Recipe

Baked chicken breast, in this case sliced, is a light and easy second course, suitable in any season and appreciated by most.

Octopus salad with potatoes Recipe

Octopus salad with potatoes is a classic of our cuisine. An appetizing, nutritious and at the same time light dish to be enjoyed as an appetizer or second course.

Pan-fried peppers Recipe

Pan-fried peppers are a perfect side dish to prepare during the warm season. They can be served with meat, cheese, croutons or to stuff a sandwich.

Tiramisu without eggs

EGGLESS TIRAMISU By eggless tiramisu, of course, we mean without eggs in the cream. In

Stewed cabbage in a pan

The stewed cabbage in a pan is an outline seasonal simple and tasty, ideal to accompany meat dishes and cheeses. 

Broccoli in a pan Step by Step

pan-fried broccoli is a real passe-partout. Delicious and slightly spicy, they are sautéed in a base of oil, garlic and chilli, they are excellent with meat and fish main courses .

Cold cheesecake Recipe

The cold cheesecake recipe is one of the easiest ever to make the most popular biscuit and cheese dessert in a short time .

Soft Apple Pie Recipe Step by Step

The classic apple pie recipe , soft and rich in taste. Each family has its own, handed down from generation to generation. We offer you a traditional version but there are many other apple pie recipes, even without eggs , yeast or butter . The breakfast and snack cake par excellence, an apple dessert that smells of home that we could never give up.

Custard Recipe step by step

The custard is perhaps the most used filling in pastry. This is the basic cream recipe by definition, the protagonist of croissants, cakes, cream puffs and tarts. Follow our recipe step by step to obtain a quality result.

Pappardelle with curry

Pappardelle with curry is a delicious first course that is perfect to propose to friends

Salted salmon pancakes

These salty salmon pancakes are a simple and tasty recipe , an excellent and tasty alternative to the classic sweet pancakes ; perfect for a savory

Matcha tea pancakes

Matcha tea is a real concentrate of goodness and well-being, try it in the delicious Matcha

Savory zucchini pancakes

The savory pancake with zucchini are a simple preparation and tasty to be proposed as an appetizer or  a main

Meatloaf with chicken and vegetables

The meatloaf and vegetables is a classic preparation is very popular. This chicken and vegetable meatloaf is a tasty and delicate second


Meatloaf is a rather traditional dish, which tastes like “home”. This turkey and ricotta meatloaf is a tasty


A simple and tasty vegan recipe , to be served as an appetizer or second course based on vegetables . Twenty minutes of preparation and