how to cook a chicken breast in an electric steamer

Cooking chicken breast in an electric steamer is a healthy and convenient way to prepare this popular dish. It is an easy and mess-free way of cooking, and it also ensures that your chicken cooks evenly throughout, resulting in juicy and succulent meat. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to cook a chicken breast in an electric steamer, as well as discuss the benefits of using an electric steamer and answer some frequently asked questions.

## Benefits of Using an Electric Steamer
Using an electric steamer to cook chicken has several benefits over other cooking methods. One major advantage is that it preserves the nutrients in the chicken since no oil or fats are needed for cooking. Additionally, this method of cooking promotes even heat distribution, ensuring that your chicken is cooked evenly throughout. Another benefit is that it’s less messy because all the steam remains contained in the steamer basket.

## Equipment Needed for Cooking Chicken Breast in an Electric Steamer
To cook chicken breast in an electric steamer, you will need the following equipment:

– Electric Steamer
– Plate or bowl
– Knife or scissors
– Kitchen foil (optional)

## Preparing the Chicken Breast
Before you start cooking your chicken, it’s essential to prepare it properly. Here are some essential tips for preparing your chicken:

1. Selecting Your Chicken Breast: When selecting a chicken breast to cook, it’s important to choose one that’s fresh and high-quality. Look for meat that’s pinkish-white and has a firm texture.

2. Defrosting Your Chicken Breast: If you’re working with frozen chicken breasts, make sure to defrost them completely before cooking them in an electric steamer. Place the frozen breasts inside the refrigerator overnight or run them under cold water until they are defrosted.

3. Seasoning Your Chicken Breast: Once your chicken breast is thawed, rinse it in cold water and pat it dry with a paper towel. Season the breast with your favorite spices or seasoning. These may include garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, etc. You can also brush some olive oil or BBQ sauce on the chicken breast before steaming it.

## Getting Ready to Steam
Getting ready to steam is pretty simple; all you need to do is prepare your electric steamer. However, ensure that you check the user manual as each brand might have specific usage instructions.

1. Preparing the Electric Steamer: Before using an electric steamer, ensure to clean it thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that all parts have been securely locked.

2. Adding Water to the Electric Steamer: Each steamer has a water tank where you pour water depending on how much you need to cook your chicken breasts.

3. Setting Up The Electric Steamer: Place the steamer basket inside the electric steamer. Some steamers might require you to add a liner or cut out parchment paper so that the chicken breast doesn’t stick to the basket.

## Cooking the Chicken Breast
It’s now time for cooking! Here are some essential tips for cooking chicken breast in an electric steamer:

1. Placing The Chicken Breasts In The Steamer: Place your seasoned chicken breasts in the steamer basket and ensure they are not touching each other. Small cuts are ideal for cooking evenly and faster.

2. Choosing The Right Steam Time And Temperature: Depending on which brand of electric steamer you’re using, set it as per your instruction manual. Steam small 6-ounce chicken breasts for at least 15 minutes at a temperature between 160°F and 165°F until it reaches an internal temperature of 165℉.

3. Tip On Checking For Doneness: Use a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the chicken’s flesh without touching its bone for accuracy. This way, you can see if it’s reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

## Adapting Your Recipe
Cooking chicken breast in an electric steamer can be versatile. You can adapt your recipe to suit your taste buds.

1. Adjusting Seasoning And Adding New Flavors: Try adding different seasonings to your chicken breast, such as lemon pepper, cumin, coriander, or smoked paprika, depending on which flavor you prefer. Or try brushing some sauces during cooking or after steaming your chicken breasts with simple herbs and spices.

2. Using Different Accessories For Added Flavor: Some steamers may come with a foil pouch for adding different flavorings such as lemongrass, lime leaves, or sliced ginger into the steaming water as well as vegetables for a complete meal.

## Cleaning Up
Cleaning up your electric steamer is pretty straightforward and quick. Once it has cooled down after use, ensure to empty the remaining water from the tank first, then disassemble all removable parts of the steamer and wash them with warm soapy water. Rinse all parts properly before storing the steamer in a dry cool place free from dust and fumes.

## FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about cooking chicken breast in an electric steamer:

1. Can I use frozen chicken breast in an electric steamer?

Yes, you can use frozen chicken breasts in an electric steamer; however, ensure that you first defrost them fully.

2. What temperature should I cook my chicken breast for it to be perfectly sizeable?

A well-cooked chicken breast should reach an internal temperature of 165°F degrees Fahrenheit when measured with a meat thermometer.

3. Can I cook more than one chicken breast at once?

Yes, you can safely cook more than one chicken breast at once, depending on the capacity of your electric steamer.

## Common Mistakes To Avoid

1. Overcooking your chicken: Overcooking your chicken breast can make it dry and tough

2. Forgetting to add seasoning or spices: seasoning your chicken helps bring out different flavor profiles, and not adding seasoning would render your chicken quite bland.

3. Not Adding Enough Water: Make sure to fill the steamer tank with enough water to generate all the steam required to cook through your chicken breasts.

## Conclusion
Cooking a perfect chicken breast in an electric steamer is an easy, healthy, and mess-free cooking method that requires minimal preparation time. With the right equipment and tips, you can experience perfectly cooked, succulent chicken breasts every time. So next time you’re looking for a healthy alternative, consider using an electric steamer for your next chicken breast dish; we promise the results will be worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use frozen chicken breast in an electric steamer?

Yes, you can definitely use frozen chicken breast in an electric steamer. However, make sure to adjust the cooking time accordingly as it will take longer for the chicken to cook.

Do I need to marinate the chicken before cooking it in an electric steamer?

It is not necessary to marinate the chicken before cooking it in an electric steamer. However, marinating the chicken can enhance the flavor and make it even more delicious.

How do I know when the chicken breast is cooked?

You can check if the chicken breast is cooked by using a meat thermometer. When inserted into the thickest part of the breast, it should read 165°F (74°C). Another way to check is by cutting into the thickest part of the breast, and making sure there’s no pinkness or juices running.

Can I add seasoning or sauce while cooking the chicken in an electric steamer?

Absolutely! You can add your favorite seasonings or sauces to your chicken before placing them into your electric steamer. Just make sure not to over-season or use too much sauce as it can cause excess moisture.

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