What can you cook in a combination microwave oven

Combination microwave ovens are an essential appliance in any kitchen. They combine traditional microwave technology with other cooking features, including grilling, baking, and steaming, to give users the convenience of preparing different types of meals. In this article, we will explore what foods you can prepare using your combination microwave oven and highlight some tips for getting the most out of your appliance.

Types of Foods You Can Cook


Vegetables are a great option for cooking in a combination microwave oven. Here are some popular ways to prepare vegetables:

  • Roasting vegetables: cut up your favorite veggies into small pieces and spread them across a baking sheet. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C) and then place the dish inside. Set the time as required, depending on how much you’re cooking.
  • Cooking frozen vegetables: Place frozen vegetable packets inside your oven’s steaming compartment to ensure that they cook quickly without becoming soggy.
  • Steaming vegetables: Fill your steamer basket with chopped vegetables and allot sufficient time (varies depending on quantity). This approach preserves nutrients better than traditional boiling methods.

Meat and Poultry

Combination microwave ovens allow you to cook meat and poultry dishes more quickly than conventional ovens without sacrificing taste or quality.

  • Grilling meats and poultry: The grill setting on combination microwaves allows you to grill chicken breasts, burgers or steaks quickly at high temperatures.
  • Cooking meat in batches: Whether you prefer roasts or pre-marinaded pieces, microwaved meats retain their moisture and tenderness quite well if cooked right. You can also sear meat first with an oil-based marinade before putting it in broil mode for faster gratification.
  • Cooking frozen meat and poultry: Defrosting raw meats is both risky for spoilage concerns but bursts too much moisture off chickens leaving them drier as well as increasing the bacterial cell counts. Opt for putting meat on the thaw mode or better still, you can flash steam pieces to draw out ice layers before placing them in the microwave.

Fish and Seafood

Cooking seafood dishes correctly can be challenging. Combination microwave ovens offer precise settings to make it easy:

  • Steaming fish and seafood: Fill a steamer basket with your favorite fish and seafood. Set it inside the oven’s steamer compartment, then add water into the bottom of the container and set it on high heat and cook as directed.
  • Grilling fish and seafood: The convection feature works quite well here, focusing on firm fishes like salmon fillets or tilapia that won’t break apart quickly.

Baked Goods

Combination microwave ovens provide an alternative to traditional baking methods that save you time and energy costs.

  • Baking muffins, cakes, etc.: Save time while mixing recipes my placing your muffin tins, silicone molds and other bakeware in the oven chamber.
  • Making pizza or flatbreads: Many combination microwaves have accessed preheated pizza stones made of ceramic overlying grill elements that advise a faster baking time than even countertop ovens.

Benefits of Using a Combination Microwave Oven

Asides from ensuring speedy culinary habits, using combination microwaves have additional upsides:

Speedy cooking times

Combination microwaves combine high radiation frequencies with thermal moving air patterns which expedite heat transfer into foods expanding cooking time by reducing temperatures. This process ensures that cooking takes less overall time than conventional methods used by standard full-sized ovens.

Versatility for all cooking needs

As we discussed earlier, combination microwaves offer you so many options compared to standard appliances with fan-based grills at different power selections catering for versatile options provided.

Secure Cooking Environment

The confined environment limits exposure to ambient toxins like excess moisture or oils leaving working counters clean during use.

Tips for Using Your Combination Microwave Oven

Here are tips to help you achieve the best results when cooking with your combination microwave oven:

Use small containers for smaller quantities.

Only opt for larger dishes when catering to larger servings rather than trying to optimize your energy return. When smaller dish sizes are reheated, it defrost’s food more excellently.

Ensure Correct Temperatures Are Used When Cooking.

Always use the correct temperature settings recommended in recipes and manufacturer instructions and always be on the lookout not to overstep or undershoot a recommended timing limit.

Follow Manufacturer Instructions When Cooking.

Results of combi-microwave cooked meals vary considerably, requiring proper monitoring whether you’re a beginner who prefers novelty canned/pre-made preparations or advanced cooking-lovers that prefer exploring variants of low-heat-cooking methods. As such, following procedure troubleshooting and advice from manufacturers is crucial.


Combination microwave ovens incorporate various features that expand to several options found in conventional cooking methods, making it an excellent choice for preparing various meals. With these tips we’ve highlighted here — like ensuring proper temperature regimes during cooking and following directions from manufacturer instructions – rest assured that this appliance will maximize your time spent in the kitchen.


  1. Q: Can I bake a cake in a combination microwave oven? A: Yes, you can easily bake cakes in a combination microwave oven. You may need to adjust the temperature and timing according to your recipe and appliance instructions.
  2. Q: Is it possible to cook frozen food in a combination microwave oven? A: Absolutely! Combination microwave ovens are perfect for defrosting and cooking frozen food. You can even use the grill or convection function for better results.
  3. Q: Can I make healthy meals using a combination microwave oven? A: Yes, you can prepare a variety of healthy meals with a combination microwave oven. Cooking with steam or using the simmer function can help retain the nutrients in your food, while reducing the need for added oils or fats.
  4. Q: What are some creative dishes I can make with a combination microwave oven? A: From stews and casseroles to baked potatoes and pizzas, there are no limits to what you can cook in a combination microwave oven! You can even experiment with ethnic cuisines, such as Indian curries or Korean bibimbap, using pre-set programs or customizable settings.

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