will lowes take away the old grill

Will Lowes Take Away the Old Grill?

Lowes is a big-box home improvement retailer that sells a variety of products, including appliances, gardening supplies, and outdoor furniture. Many people buy grills from Lowes, but what happens when they want to dispose of them? Will Lowes take away the old grill, and if so, what do they charge?

Why People Need to Get Rid of Their Grills

People often need to get rid of their grills because they’re old, broken, or just no longer used. Grills can also be a hazard if they’re not properly disposed of. For example, if you leave an old grill out in your backyard, it can become a breeding ground for pests like rats and mice. In addition, it’s important to properly dispose of grills to reduce your environmental impact.

The Environmental Impact of Not Properly Disposing of a Grill

If you don’t properly dispose of your grill, it can end up in a landfill. This not only takes up valuable space but also releases toxic chemicals into the environment as the grill breaks down over time. Furthermore, some parts of the grill are not biodegradable and may take hundreds or even thousands of years to break down.

The Process of Getting Rid of an Old Grill

When it comes to getting rid of an old grill, there are several options available. Below are two most common options:

Curbside Pickup

Many cities offer curbside pickup for large items like grills. This service is usually free and provides a convenient way to get rid of bulky items without leaving your home. However, there are certain rules and regulations you need to follow when using this service.

To schedule a curbside pickup, you’ll need to call your local waste management department and ask about their rules and regulations. You’ll also need to ask about any fees associated with this service. Some cities charge a fee for curbside pickup, while others offer it for free.

Before you put your grill out on the curb, you’ll need to prepare it properly. This means removing any propane tanks or other flammable items from the grill and making sure it’s clean and free of any debris. Some cities require grills to be broken down into smaller pieces before they can be picked up.

Recycling Centers

If you want to dispose of your grill in an environmentally friendly way, consider taking it to a recycling center. There are many recycling centers that accept grills, although you may need to pay a small fee for this service.

To prepare your grill for recycling, you’ll need to remove any flammable items like propane tanks and make sure it’s clean and free of any debris. You can then take it to a local recycling center that accepts metal or appliances.

Lowes’ Takeaway Policy

Lowes has a policy on taking away old grills, although their policy may vary depending on the location. In general, Lowes will take away old grills, but there may be some restrictions.

Their Policy Depends on Their Location

What is accepted and not accepted at Lowes during disposal depends on the location. It is important to contact the nearest Lowes store first before requesting their takeaway service. The customer care representative would provide more information regarding their policy against removing old Grills.

Fees Associated with Lowes’ Takeaway Service

If Lowes takes away your grill, there may be a fee involved. The exact amount depends on the location and the condition of the grill. If the grill is in good working order, Lowes may accept it as a trade-in and apply the value towards a new grill purchase.

Limits on the Number of Old Grills Lowes Will Take Away

There may also be a limit on the number of old grills that Lowes will take away at one time. This is because they have limited space to store old appliances and need to dispose of them properly.

How to Arrange for Lowes to Take Away an Old Grill

If you want Lowes to take away your old grill, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Contact your local Lowes store.
  2. Ask about their policy on taking away old grills.
  3. Provide information about your old grill like its brand and condition
  4. Arrange for pickup or trade-in depending on their given policies.

Other Ways to Get Rid of an Old Grill

If you don’t want to use Lowes’ takeaway service or if they are unable to take away your old grill, there are other options available.

Selling or Giving Away an Old Grill

You can try selling your old grill online or through classified ads. There may be people who are willing to buy it or take it off your hands for free. You can also consider donating your old grill to a charitable organization or giving it away as a gift.

Disposing of an Old Grill Yourself

If you’re feeling handy, you can try breaking down and disposing of the grill yourself. This is not recommended if you’re not experienced in handling large appliances and should be done with caution.

To dispose of the grill yourself, you’ll need to dismantle it into smaller pieces and properly dispose of the metal and other parts. You’ll also want to make sure you’re following your local regulations on how to dispose of large items like grills.


Getting rid of an old grill may seem like a hassle, but there are many options available. Lowes offers a takeaway service that you can use if they have it available in your area or prefer to use it. If not, you can try curbside pickup, recycling centers, selling or giving away the grill, or disposing of it yourself. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider which one is best for you.

#### Can I rely on Lowe’s to take away my old grill?

Lowe’s offers appliance delivery and haul-away services that cover the removal of home appliances, including grills. When you purchase a new grill from Lowe’s, you can request for your old grill to be hauled away for an additional fee.

#### How much will it cost me to have Lowe’s remove my old grill?

Lowe’s charges a $30 fee to haul away an old grill. However, the company waives this fee if you’re purchasing a new grill that costs $399 or more.

#### What type of grills can be hauled away by Lowe’s?

Lowe’s haul-away services cover most types of grills including gas, charcoal, and electric-powered grills that are up to 5 feet in length.

#### Is it necessary to schedule the haul-away service in advance?

If you’re buying a new grill from Lowe’s, you can request for the grill haul-away service at the time of purchase. If you need your old grill hauled away but aren’t buying a new one, you can still request the service but will need to schedule it in advance with the store.

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