Can You Cook Pizza in a Combination Microwave?

Can You Cook Pizza in a Combination Microwave?

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes around the world. It’s delicious, versatile and quick to prepare. On the other hand, combination microwaves are also becoming increasingly popular in home kitchens because of their multi-functionality and time-saving features. As such, many people wonder whether they can cook pizza using a combination microwave.

In this article, we’ll explore the answer to that question by discussing how combination microwaves work, preparing for cooking pizza, different cooking methods (convection mode, grill mode, and combination mode), common mistakes when cooking pizza in a combination microwave, frequently asked questions about combining microwaves and pizza, and final thoughts on achieving perfect homemade pizzas every time.

Understanding Combination Microwaves

Combination microwaves are appliances that combine traditional microwave technology with conventional oven cooking. They have both microwave and convection oven functions integrated into one unit that allows you to use them for defrosting (microwave), grilling (oven) and baking (microwave + oven). This type of oven works by circulating hot air throughout its cavity while emitting microwaves through its magnetron or rotating antenna system.

The benefits of combination microwaves over traditional ovens include quicker cooking times because they use both heating elements simultaneously; more even cooking thanks to their powerful fans that circulate hot air around food; saving counter space without compromising on functionality since they can replace two or more separate devices; and lower energy consumption compared to conventional ovens.

However, there are also some cons associated with using a combination microwave. For instance, they may not be able to replicate the crunchy crust texture of traditional ovens due to the way heat is distributed inside them. Plus, compared to larger ovens like gas ranges or electric wall ovens with convection functions only – you’ll get less interior space which might limit what type/size pan or dish could fit inside.

Preparing for Cooking Pizza

Before cooking pizza in a combination microwave, you must prepare the ingredients and make sure your oven is ready to use. Here’s what you need to do:

Choosing the right pizza crust or base

You can use any type of pizza crust or base with your combination microwave. Whether it’s frozen, fresh, thin-crust, deep-dish, or gluten-free – it doesn’t matter. Just ensure they are doughy rather than hard and crisp so that the heat can easily penetrate them without getting burnt.

The best types of cheese, sauce and toppings to use

When making pizza in a combination microwave, avoid using too much wet ingredients like tomato sauce since they may prevent your dough from getting crispy. Instead, opt for sauces like pesto or white sauce which are thicker but won’t make your pizza soggy.

The same goes for toppings too! Go minimalist with fewer toppings to have even heating on your dish yet tasteful. Fresh vegetables such as capsicum (bell peppers) and onions cook faster than meats so should be put on top later during baking process.

Preparing the oven: setting temperature, adjusting grill and convection modes

To cook pizzas perfectly in a combination microwave, set the temperature between 200-225°C for about 10 minutes till cheese is melted consistently with golden brown color all over . Additionally keep your oven tray inside beforehand so that it gets heated too before placing the pizza onto it. Choose Convection mode if there is one available because this mode uses both heat and fan to spread air all-around oven resulting better cooking quality compared without convection mode. If you want your crusts extra crispy then Grill Mode is also an option otherwise don’t utilize it much with pizzas.

Cooking Methods

There are three different cooking modes which can be used when making homemade pizzas using a combination microwave: convection mode, grill mode, and combination mode.

Convection Mode

Convection mode cooks food evenly while maintaining moistness because of the circulating hot air inside the oven. This is perhaps the best mode for cooking pizza in combination microwaves since it allows your pizza to cook uniformly without burning in spots like cheese or crust. In this mode, set the temperature between 200-225°C and bake for 10-15 minutes till perfection.

Grill Mode

Grill mode can be used to give you that typical charred & crisp crust which you get when baking pizzas on stone ovens. When using grill mode be sure keep the pizza as close as feasible to heating element as possible in order to cook it effectively, but do keep a check so that it doesn’t burnout. Hence set your oven at high heat 220°C -240°C . It’s recommended that prior grilling bake pizza beforehand for atleast 8-10 mins at Convection setting with toppings , then shift slices onto upper heating rack/element of oven and resume grilling for another minute or two.

Combination Mode

Combination mode is specially designed for simultaneous use of convection and microwaves settings. This means that both modes will work together at once, which can result in faster cooking times yet without sacrificed quality.. However, this method needs experienced hands because proper settings such as power level percentages have to be adjusted according to recipe demands.

Common Mistakes When Cooking Pizza in a Combination Microwave

Here are common mistakes which people make when cooking pizzas using a combination microwave:

  • Overloading your oven with too many items
  • Utilizing low quality ingredients such as heavily processed doughs or super sugary sauces/toppings.
  • Not selecting the needful cooking procedure like using no-grill setting while roasting pizzas (Exceptions might include stuffed/crispy topped variants)
  • Ignoring manufacturer’s guidelines / instructions on preheating, placement and cook time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Combining Microwaves and Pizza

So, you still pondering upon whether your combo oven can cook pizzas perfectly? Here are some of the questions which often come to mind:

No. Combos microwaves are perfect for making homemade version of whole pizza from crust to toppings!

  • Any safety concerns when performing combining microwaves and baking?

Yes, it’s suggested that while using grill mode, do not press start button unless you have manually checked everything inside should be safe e.g oven-proof tools (metal pans/dishes), outstretched cords/wires or plastic packaging have been avoided.

  • Is it difficult to clean the oven after baking pizzas?

No. You can simply wipe any spills or leftover crumbs with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. Avoid using harsh abrasives because they can damage the interior finish.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Cooking Pizza Using A Combination Microwave Oven

Combination microwaves can be used effectively to cook delicious homemade pizzas quickly as well as provide energy-efficiency compared to traditional ovens. To ensure that your pizza comes out perfect every time consider the type of crust/base you use, amount of toppings added or removed according to oven space and cooking performance expected with different modes like Convection, Grill or Combination Setting etc used at proper times..

Always start by following manufacturer’s instructions set forth before attempting experimentation too soon , it’s important to simplify the process! Just Remember if this is your first attempt at cooking pizzas using combination microwave ; don’t become dejected if your first try isn’t excellent because great cooks always experiment until they achieve perfection.


  1. Q: Can a combination microwave oven be used to cook pizza at home? A: Yes, combination microwave ovens are versatile appliances that can be used for cooking various dishes, including pizza. However, the type of pizza and the method of cooking may influence the results.
  2. Q: Is it necessary to use a special mode or function on a combination microwave to cook pizza? A: Some combination microwaves have specific pizza or grill functions that can help you achieve better results when cooking pizza. However, you can also use manual modes and settings to adjust the temperature, power level and cooking time.
  3. Q: Can you cook frozen or fresh pizza in a combination microwave? A: You can cook both frozen and fresh pizza in a combination microwave oven by adjusting the cooking time and temperature accordingly. For frozen pizzas, you may need to defrost them first before cooking them fully.
  4. Q: Are there any tips for getting the best results when cooking pizza in a combination microwave? A: To get the best results when cooking pizza in a combination microwave oven, it is recommended to use a baking tray with perforations or holes to allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup. You should also preheat the oven or grill function before placing the pizza since this helps create a crispy crust while keeping the toppings moist.

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