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Who Invented Smiley Fries?

French fries are arguably one of the most popular snacks around the world. They are a fast food staple, widely available in various forms and flavors in almost every country. One of these variations is the smiley fry, which features a unique, fun shape that sets it apart from regular French fries. But who came up with this idea? In this article, we will explore the history of French fries, define what smiley fries are, and examine the different stories surrounding their invention to determine who really invented them.

The History of French Fries

The world’s love affair with potatoes dates back centuries. Potatoes are believed to have originated in South America and eventually spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world thanks to expeditions by Spanish explorers. French fries, however, were first created in Belgium.

Linguists believe that the term “French” was used because of the dominant language spoken in Belgium at the time, which was French. According to Belgian historians, during World War I fries became a symbol of national pride when American soldiers visited Belgium and tasted them for the first time. The US troops attributed the origin of fries to France and then took them across Europe.

What are Smiley Fries?

Smiley fries are an innovative variation of regular French fries, which were created by cutting potatoes into thin rectangular sticks and frying them until crispy. The defining characteristic of smiley fries is their unique shape; they resemble smiling faces with two eyes and a broad grin carved into their surface.

Smiley fries are generally made using mashed potato dough with a pinch of salt, shaped into round discs, and baked or fried until crispy on the outside while remaining soft inside. The reason behind their happy face design is unclear as the smiley fry’s origins are yet to be established beyond historical reports by competing claims.

Who Invented Smiley Fries?

Many stories surround the invention of smiley fries, and it is impossible to say for sure who invented them. However, three of the most plausible stories involve John Baeder, the Simplot Company, and McCain Foods.

John Baeder’s Version

John Baeder is a painter from Nashville, Tennessee. He is known for his hyper-realistic paintings of American diners and fast food restaurants. As a child, John had an abundance of potatoes from his father’s farm. One day, while making mashed potatoes with his mother, they decided to shape some mash into smiley faces using kitchen utensils. Baeder soon realized that this could be made on an industrial scale and approached Lamb Weston, a subsidiary of ConAgra Foods. Together with the company, Baeder developed an automated way of creating smiley fries with their faces identical to those he used in his paintings.

This is John Baeder’s version of events when it comes to who invented smiley fries.

Simplot Company’s Version

The Simplot Company has been making frozen French fries since 1946 after J.R. Simplot pioneered the first method to flash freeze potatoes while maintaining taste and texture. They decided to incorporate a unique product into their line to fill up hours of manufacturing dentistry in their new Pocatello plant in Idaho – home to the world’s largest potato industry.

In 1997, Simplot introduced a unique addition to its product line: the smiley fry. The company claimed that they developed this product in-house and had patented the technology behind it.

McCain Foods’ Version

McCain Foods is one of the world’s leading producers of frozen potato products and is based in Canada. They entered the smiley fry market later than Simplot. By 2006, McCain Foods was producing six different categories of shaped fries, including their version of smiley fries.

The company claimed that its research and development team, responsible for developing McCain’s Smiles, was responsible for inventing the smiley fry.


It’s impossible to say for sure who invented smiley fries, with three major claims to their creation. All three stories have compelling evidence, making it hard to determine which one is true. It could well be that each story played a role in the development of the smiley fries that we know today.

The history of the smiley fry reflects how creativity and innovation can develop through chance events and frequent experimentation in marketing that need not originate from a single individual or team.

What are Smiley Fries?

Smiley fries are a popular type of French fry that is shaped like a smiley face. They are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and make for a fun and tasty snack or side dish.

Who invented Smiley Fries?

According to our research, the origin of Smiley Fries is uncertain and there is no clear inventor. However, many food companies and restaurants have claimed to have popularized this french fry design over the years.

What makes Smiley Fries so popular?

The fun and playful design of these fries make them particularly popular among children and teenagers, although adults also enjoy their taste. Additionally, their unique shape can make them more visually appealing for social media content creation.

How are Smiley Fries made?

Smiley Fries are typically made by cutting potatoes into thin strips, forming them into smiley patterns, then deep-frying them in oil until they become golden brown. They can be seasoned with various spices or served plain with ketchup or other dipping sauces.

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