Can you put sprinkles on the brownies before baking?

Brownies are a classic treat enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just satisfying your sweet tooth, brownies make the perfect dessert choice. But have you ever thought about adding some sprinkles on them before baking? This article covers everything you need to know about whether or not you can put sprinkles on brownies before baking.

Understanding Sprinkles and Their Effect on Brownies

Sprinkles are small candy decorations that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are used to add a fun and festive touch to any dessert. Types of sprinkles available include non-pareils (the classic tiny round shapes), jimmies (slightly longer and thicker than non-pareils), sanding sugar (large grained sugar crystals), and more.

Adding sprinkles to brownies before baking can give them an extra burst of color and crunch. The taste will depend on the type of sprinkle you use; for example, adding chocolate sprinkles will give your brownie a richer flavor compared to using rainbow-colored ones. The texture of the finished product will also vary depending on the type of sprinkle used – larger sugar crystals tend to add more crunch.

However, there are some pros and cons to consider when it comes to adding sprinkles before baking:


  • Adding sprinkles before baking ensures that they stick well onto the batter
  • Adds a festive touch
  • Great for parties or special occasions


  • Some sprinkles may lose their bright color or melt during the baking process
  • Can affect the final texture of the brownie
  • Sprinkles may burn if left in contact with hot pan surfaces

Other Toppings That Can Be Added Before Baking Brownies

If you’re not too keen on using sprinkles, fear not! There are other toppings that can enhance your brownie flavor profile just as well. Here are a few options to consider:

Chocolate chips or chunks

Adding chocolate chips or chunks to your brownie batter can give an extra gooey and fudgy texture. Dark chocolate chunks can also add a more sophisticated flavor profile.

The ideal amount for chocolate chips or chunks in brownies is between 1/2 and 1 cup per batch, depending on the size of the pan used.


For nut-lovers out there, adding them to your brownies can be a great idea. Walnuts and pecans are two popular choices that not only give an added crunch but also have some health benefits as well.

It’s important to ensure even distribution when adding nuts; otherwise, you may end up with a bite full of nuts while others remain plain.

Sprinkling on Top of Baked Brownies

Another option for adding sprinkles onto your brownies is to sprinkle them on top after baking. This method avoids any potential issues with melting sprinkles and gives you more control over where you want them placed.

There are some pros and cons to this method as well:


  • The sprinkles won’t melt during baking
  • Better control over placement
  • Can prevent burnt sprinkles


  • Sprinkles may fall off easily
  • Lack of uniformity

How To Get Creative With Your Brownie Toppings?

If you’re feeling adventurous, here are two ways you can get creative with your brownie toppings:

Dessert Sauces

Dessert sauces are versatile toppings that can complement any brownie flavor. Classic choices include chocolate and caramel sauce, but don’t be afraid to experiment with unique flavor profiles like butterscotch or raspberry.

Additional Mix-ins

Mix-ins refer to other types of small additions that complement the taste and texture of your brownie batter. Some popular mix-in options include marshmallows, candy bits, and cookies. Once again, don’t be afraid to experiment and come up with your own recipe!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-Do sprinkles impact the moisture level in brownies?

No, adding sprinkles does not really affect the moisture level of your brownies.

-Do all suggestions work well with different types of ovens?

Yes. Brownie-toppings are not affected by the type of oven used to bake them.

-How do you determine which types and/or amount of sprinkles are the right ones?

There’s no universal answer for this since everyone’s taste is unique. The best way to figure out what works for you is to experiment with different types and amounts until you find what you like best.


There is no doubting that topping your brownies with sprinkles before baking can add some extra fun and color to an already delicious dessert. However, keep in mind that they may have an effect on texture depending on the size of the sprinkle, so if that is something that worries you then feel free to have some fun experimenting with other toppings or adding them after baking.

Ultimately, the choice is yours! Every person has their own preference when it comes to enjoying brownies – topped or not!


Q: Can I put sprinkles on brownies before baking?

A: Yes, you can definitely add sprinkles to your brownie batter before baking for some added color and fun!

Q: Do sprinkles affect the taste of brownies?

A: Not necessarily. Sprinkles are mainly used for decoration and don’t typically impact the flavor of the brownies. However, some sprinkle brands may have a slightly different taste than others.

Q: How should I add sprinkles to my brownie batter?

A: Once you’ve mixed your brownie batter, simply sprinkle the desired amount of sprinkles on top and swirl them in with a spatula. Be sure not to over-mix or the colors may become muddy.

Q: Can I use any type of sprinkles on brownies?

A: Yes, you can use any kind of sprinkle including rainbow jimmies, nonpareils, sugar crystals, or even shaped sprinkles. Just keep in mind that different types of sprinkles may behave differently when baked and may lose their shape or color more easily.

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