Do potatoes take longer to cook than chicken?

Cooking is a daily activity that everyone undertakes, whether we love it or not. It’s an essential part of our lives that requires precise techniques and knowledge to ensure the safety, quality, and taste of our meals.

One critical aspect of cooking is understanding cooking times. Cooking times refer to the period taken for food to cook adequately, which means it’s safe and ready for consumption.

Knowing how long it takes to cook different foods is crucial because undercooked meals put us at risk of foodborne illnesses, whereas overcooking leads to dry, burnt dishes.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into how different factors affect cooking times and compare how long potatoes take to cook compared to chicken.

Understanding Cooking Times

Several factors determine cooking times. One crucial factor is the type of food being prepared. Some foods require more time than others when it comes to preparation.

Size and shape also play significant roles in determining cooking times. The larger or thicker a cut or pieces are; the longer they will take to cook, while thin or small cuts/pieces will achieve desired doneness faster.

The preferred cooking method also determines cooking times. For instance, baking may take longer than boiling due since heat penetrates from one side (oven) instead of surrounding all sides like water boiling methods do.

Importance of Heating Food To A Safe Temperature

Heating foods such as meat to a safe temperature is a critical factor that everyone must address before consuming their meal. Foodborne illnesses such as salmonella and E.coli can easily occur if meat isn’t cooked thoroughly enough for the bacteria inside to be killed off completely.

Cooking Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular poultry products globally and comes in different shapes and sizes for various types of dishes. Chicken parts also characteristic with various fat contents depending on which part you are using..

Different Methods Of Cooking Chicken:

Baking Chicken

Baking chicken involves roasting it uncovered in an oven, which uses dry heat. Chicken meat doesn’t require any cooking liquid when baking, and the heat penetrates all sides of the chicken ensuring even cook throughout.

The Ideal Temperature And Time For Baking Chicken:

  • Preheat your oven to 400°F (205°C) before placing your chicken.
  • Bake Bone-in breasts at 350°F (175°C) for 50 to 60 minutes
  • Boneless breasts can be baked between 20 to 30 minutes at the same temperature depending on thickness

Grilling Chicken

Grilling is another popular method of preparing chicken. It involves directly exposing the chicken to an open flame or heated grill for a browned, crispy exterior.

Ideal Grill Temperatures And Grilling Times:

  • Heat grill to around medium-high heat (375 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Cook bone-in chicken for about 35 -40 min over indirect heat.
  • Cook boneless breasts within ten minutes by using quick-cooking vegetable spray.

Frying Chicken

Frying is one of the most flexible ways to prepare chicken dishes. There are several ways to fry a piece of chicken influenced by culture where different seasoning blends and batters typical for a certain region(s).

Ideal Frying Temperature And Time:

  1. Preheat Oil temp >350 °F (176 °C)
  2. Try frying thighs and drumsticks at least five minutes per side also boneless cuts like tenders in three minutes per side
  3. Using thermometer helps track to reach internal cooked temperature (165F/74C).

Cooking Potatoes

Potatoes are popular root vegetables that come in many types such as russet, red potatoes, and sweet potatoes with various culinary applications.

Different Methods Of Cooking Potatoes:

Boiling Potatoes

Boiling potatoes involves immersing them in hot water until tender.

Temperature Required For Boiling Potatoes:

  1. Fill a cooking pot with potatoes and water, ensuring the water covers the eyes of each potato.
  2. Bring it to boil then reduce heat using low to medium power settings
  3. Boil potatoes for about 20-30 minutes. Remove when they are tender

Baking/Roasting Potatoes

Baking/Roasting involves exposing the potatoes to dry heat in an oven or cooks toaster until well-cooked.

Temperature Required For Baking/Roasting Potatoes:

  1. Preheat your oven first at least 425 °F (218 °C).
  2. Place the whole potato on an ungreased baking sheet and bake them for around 45-60 min
  3. Smaller pieces cut into wedges or fries take less time since their surface to depth dimensions are smaller.

Comparing Cooking Times Between Potatoes And Chicken

Different dishes have unique cooking times, depending on factors like temperature, thickness, method used and cuts being prepared as seen below;

Prep MethodBone TypeCook Time Per SideFinal Temperature
BakedBone-In50 – 60 minutes165°F
GrilledBoneless10 minutes165°F
FriedDrumsticks & Thighs>5 mins per side>165°F

Which Food Takes Longer To Cook?

Comparing chicken and potatoes:

Potatoes :

  1. Boiling takes between 20-30 minutes
  2. All Roasting/Baking methods range from 45 – 75 depending on size either diced or whole piece

Chicken :

1 . Baked Bone-In take between takes up to 50 – 60 min depending on size & weight.

2 . Grill, usually the quickest way has been known to have average cook times of not more than ten mins while for drumsticks & thighs a bit longer around 15 -20 minutes will ensure it’s completely cooked.

Fried chicken is deemed the most flexible and easy to make, and its cook times vary depending on the size and meat type.

From the above comparison, in general potatoes tend to take longer to cook than chicken since it typically depends on whether they’re cut into smaller pieces, whole, cubed or baked.


Cooking is an essential part of our daily routines. Knowing how long different dishes require ensures optimal cooking quality from safety, tenderness and flavors. Chicken and potatoes are two common foods that people love globally but have different cooking requirements regarding timing depending on which method used. Regardless of what method you choose while cooking, each food item should be cooked to precision so that both can be fully enjoyed as wholesome meals continually.


  1. Q: Are potatoes known for being stubborn when it comes to cooking? A: Potatoes have a reputation for requiring longer cooking times than other vegetables due to their high starch content. However, the cooking time will vary based on the size and thickness of the potato.
  2. Q: Can chicken cook faster than potatoes if they are cut into small pieces? A: Yes, chicken can cook faster than potatoes if it is cut into smaller pieces that can cook through quickly. Potatoes still take longer to cook because of their unique texture and composition.
  3. Q: Which one should be cooked first – chicken or potatoes? A: It depends on the recipe you are following. If you’re making a stew or soup, it’s usually best to start with the potatoes since they take longer to cook through. For dishes like stir-fry or sauteed chicken and potatoes, it doesn’t matter which one goes in first as long as they’re both thoroughly cooked.
  4. Q: Is there any way to speed up the cooking time for potatoes without compromising their quality? A: You can slice or dice your potatoes into smaller pieces to reduce their cooking time while maintaining their texture and flavor. Boiling or steaming your potatoes before adding them to a dish can also help speed up their overall cooking time.

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