how to cook green peas without soaking them

Green peas are a versatile legume that can be cooked in numerous ways. When using dried green peas, soaking is often recommended to ensure even cooking. However, with fresh or frozen green peas, you can quickly cook them without soaking them first. Not only does this save time, but it also preserves more of the nutrients and flavor that can be lost in the soaking process.


Choosing the right green peas is essential for achieving the best results. Fresh or frozen green peas are the best options when preparing to cook without soaking. Canned green peas could also be used but have a softer texture and slightly different taste.

Before cooking, it’s crucial to sort and clean the green peas thoroughly. Be sure to remove any debris or damaged peas and rinse them under cold water until the water runs clear. After cleaning, measure the correct amount of water and green pea ratio based on your preferred cooking method.

Stove-top Cooking Methods


One of the easiest ways to cook green peas without soaking is by boiling them on the stove. Bring a pot of lightly salted water to a boil, then add the green peas. Be sure not to overcrowd the pot as this can cause uneven cooking.

Cooking times will vary depending on factors such as altitude and freshness of the peas. On average, fresh green peas should cook for 3-5 minutes while frozen green peas may require an additional minute or two.

Drain the cooked green peas and serve immediately or incorporate them into your favorite recipe.


An alternative to boiling is steaming, which helps retain more nutrients and results in a brighter color and firmer texture.

To steam green peas, fill a pot with about an inch of water and bring it to a boil. Place the green peas in a steamer or colander over the boiling water, cover the pot, and let steam for 2-3 minutes until they are bright green and tender but still slightly firm.

Remove from heat and transfer the green peas to a serving dish or use in your desired recipe.

Instant Pot Cooking Method

Pressure Cooking

Another excellent method for cooking green peas without soaking is using a pressure cooker like the Instant Pot. Not only does this method save time, but it also requires less water and energy to cook green peas than stove-top methods.

To pressure cook green peas, add them to the Instant Pot with enough water to cover the top of the peas. Use the manual setting and set the timer for one minute on high pressure, then use quick release to depressurize.

The texture of the cooked green peas will be slightly firmer than boiled or steamed green peas but remain tender and flavorful. Drain off any excess liquid before incorporating into your favorite dish.

Microwave Cooking Method

Microwaving in a Bowl of Water

Microwaving is yet another fast and easy way to prepare green peas without soaking them beforehand. However, microwaving can cause uneven cooking and may result in overcooking if not carefully monitored.

To microwave green peas, add them into a microwave-safe bowl along with enough water to cover the top of the peas loosely. Microwave on high for 3-4 minutes until tender but still firm. Be sure to check on them every 30 seconds to prevent overcooking.

Let cool for a few minutes before draining any excess water and using them in your desired recipe.

Using Cooked Green Peas in Recipes

Cooked green peas are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of dishes. They add an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals to meals, making them an ideal addition to soups, stews, salads, or as a side dish.

Try incorporating cooked green peas into recipes such as a pea and ham soup, green pea risotto, or adding them to a refreshing spring salad with sliced radishes and fennel. Cooked green peas are also an essential ingredient in many traditional Indian dishes such as mutter paneer or keema matar.

When reheating leftover cooked green peas, it’s best to do so gently to prevent them from becoming mushy. Place the peas in a steamer or colander over simmering water for about 2-3 minutes until heated through.


Cooking green peas without soaking is an easy way to save time while maintaining the nutritional value and flavor of the legume. Whether boiling, steaming, microwaving, or using an Instant Pot, each cooking method offers its unique benefits and results in deliciously cooked green peas.

Experiment with different cooking methods and pair cooked green peas with your favorite dishes to add some extra flavor and nutrition to your meals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Cook Green Peas Without Soaking Them

Can I cook green peas without soaking them?

Absolutely! There is no need to soak green peas before cooking them. They are quick and easy to cook, and you can have a flavorful dish in no time.

What is the best way to cook green peas without soaking them?

The best way to cook green peas without soaking them is by boiling or steaming them. Bring water to a boil, add the green peas, and cook for about 2-3 minutes or until tender. Alternatively, steam the green peas for about 3-5 minutes until tender.

Do I need any special tools to cook green peas without soaking them?

No, you don’t need any special tools to cook green peas without soaking them. All you need is a pot with a lid for boiling or a steamer basket for steaming.

What are some easy recipes I can make with cooked green peas?

Cooked green peas are versatile and can be added to various dishes, such as salads, soups, stews, curries, and even pasta dishes. Try adding cooked green peas to your favorite rice pilaf recipe or mixing them into mashed potatoes for a nutritious side dish. You can also enjoy cooked green peas as a standalone snack by seasoning them with herbs and spices of your choice.

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