Apricot sorbet Candy Cane Christmas cookies

Preparation time
60 min
Cooking time

2 min

Rest time

30 min


4 – 6

Total time

1h and 32 min

How to prepare: Apricot sorbet

Apricot sorbet preparation - Phase 1

Apricot sorbet preparation - Phase 1

To prepare the apricot sorbet, first wash the apricots, dry them and open them in half. In a saucepan, combine sugar, water and carob seed flour and prepare the syrup by bringing everything to 82 degrees. Stir during the preparation of the syrup and make sure that there are no lumps (carob seed flour may form). Let it cool completely.

Apricot sorbet preparation - Phase 2

Apricot sorbet preparation - Phase 2

Add the syrup to the apricots, which in the meantime you have coarsely chopped, add a few basil leaves, the lemon and blend everything until the consistency you want to give to the sorbet. In this recipe we have not reduced the apricots to a cream but we have left a certain graininess to the mixture. Pour into an ice cream maker and leave to stir for the necessary time.

Apricot sorbet preparation - Phase 3

Serve your apricot sorbet right away. Remember to let the cups cool in the freezer to keep their consistency longer.