Avocado stuffed with salmon: the delicious recipe with an exotic taste

  • Semi-ripe avocado

  • Boneless shelled salmon fillet
    200 grams

  • Beef heart tomatoes

  • Lemon juice
    to taste
    • 750 kcal

  • Soya sauce
    to taste
    • 750 kcal

  • chopped pistachios

    to taste
  • Extra virgin olive oil
    to taste
    • 0 kcal

  • salt
    to taste
    • 21 kcal

  • pepper

    to taste
    • 79 kcal

Calories refer to 100 grams of product

L’avocado stuffed with salmon it’s a appetizers fresh and tasty, perfect for the summer season. The shell of this wonderful exotic fruit, substantial and with multiple beneficial virtues, is emptied then stuffed with a salad of tomatoes, seared salmon and diced pulp. Spectacular and appetizing, it can be served on the occasion of a brunch or one party buffet, but it is also perfect for a quick lunch and satisfying, to be completed with toasted rye bread. It is a valid alternative to the classic salad and can also be enriched with other ingredients, such as shrimp, tuna, black olives, capers and aromatic herbs. Find out how to prepare it by following our simple step-by-step recipe.

How to make an avocado stuffed with salmon

remove seeds

Wash the avocado thoroughly, dry it and cut it in half to remove the inner core (1).

extract the pulp

Take the pulp with a teaspoon and collect it in a small bowl (2).

prepare the stuffing

In another bowl put the avocado pulp and the tomatoes, cut into cubes (3); season with a drizzle of oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt and pepper.

brown salmon

Cut the salmon into cubes and brown them in a hot pan (4); pour a drop of soy sauce and let evaporate. Turn off and let cool.

add salmon

Add the salmon cubes to the salad and mix well (5).

fill the lawyer

Stuff the avocado halves with the prepared salad, filling them to the brim (6).


Garnish the avocado stuffed with chopped pistachios (7) and a drizzle of raw oil.

Stuffed avocado

Bring to the table and serve (8).


The avocado must be ripe but still firm: we recommend that you buy the fruit of variety, with a particularly buttery and tasty pulp. To prevent it from darkening, sprinkle it with a drop of lemon juice then set aside in the refrigerator, with cling film.

You can also stuff your avocado with shrimp, tuna or swordfish. You can enrich the filling with fresh arugula, place the datterini tomatoes in place of the beefsteak tomatoes or replace the pistachios with slivered almonds, lightly toasted.

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The stuffed avocado should be eaten at this time. Alternatively, you can keep the salad aside and refrigerate it for One day, in a glass container. Freezing is not recommended.